Appeal for Nuremberg Trials for Communism

Vladimir Bukovsky (Soviet dissident and author of Judgment in Moscow, UK)

Renato Cristin (University of Trieste, Italy)

Elizabeth Childs (president of the Ninth of November Press, USA)

Alejandro Chafuen (president of the International Freedom Educational Foundation, USA)

Łukasz Kamiński  (former president of the Institute of National Remembrance, currently president of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, Poland)

Francisco José Contreras (University of Sevilla, Spain)

Marion Smith (former executive director, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, USA)

Vanessa Vallejo (director of PanAm Post, Colombia)

Evgeny Kissin (pianist, Russia-Britain-Israel)

Daniel Pipes (president of the Middle East Forum, USA)

Alberto Benegas Lynch (president of the Economics Section, National Academy of Sciences, Argentina)

Arkady Polishchuk (journalist and Soviet dissident, USA)

Mario Andretti (former Formula One racing driver, USA)

Ryszard Legutko (member of the European Parliament, Poland)

Mart Laar (former prime minister and chairman of the supervisory Board of the Bank of Estonia, Estonia)

Alexandre Del Valle (essayst and professor of Geopolitics, France)

Marco Marsilio (president of the Region Abruzzo, Italy)

Zoé Valdés (writer, Cuba-Spain)

Corrado Sforza Fogliani (former president of Confedilizia, president of the Bank of Piacenza, president of the National Association of Popular Banks, Italy)

Bertil Haggman (Center for Research on Geopolitics, Sweden)

Carlos Rodríguez Braun (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

Pedro Schwartz (University Camilo José Cela, Spain, and University of Buckingham, United Kingdom)

Janet Lynn (Five-time U.S. Ladies Figure Skating Champion, Olympic bronze, USA)

Daniel Lacalle (economist, Spain)

David Satter (writer, USA)

Richard Millet (writer, France)

Vladimir Kara-Murza (chairman, Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, Russia)

Dario Fertilio (president of Comitatus pro Libertatibus, Italy)

Mária Schmidt (director of the Institute of the Twentieth Century, director of the House of Terror, Hungary)

Luis Pío Moa Rodríguez (historian and writer, Spain)

Jesús Huerta de Soto (University Carlos III, Madrid, Spain)

Antonio Martino (economist, former minister of Foreign Affairs and of Defense, Italy)

Arturo Diaconale (director of the newspaper L'Opinione delle Libertà, Italy)

Roberto de Mattei (former vice-president of the National Research Council and president of the Fondazione Lepanto, Italy)

Orlando Gutiérrez (founder of the Directorio Democrático Cubano, Cuba-USA)

Jörg Baberowski (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany)

Andrea Mancia (vice-director of the newspaper L’Opinione delle Libertà, Italy)

Ion-Andrei Gherasim (executive president of the Coposu Foundation, former member of the Romanian Parliament, Romania)

Annabelle Whitestone, Lady Weidenfeld (United Kingdom)

Pedro Carmona Estanga (economist, former president of Venezuela)

Gabriel Zanotti (Austral University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Pamela Geller (editor-in-chief, The Geller Report, USA)

Nicola Procaccini (member of the European Parliament, Italy)

Chantal Delsol (Institut de France, Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, France)

Erich Weede (University of Bonn, Germany)

Andrius Kubilius (former prime-minister of Lithuania, member of the European Parliament, Lithuania)

Rasa Juknevičienė (former minister of Defense of Lithuania, member of the European Parliament, Lithuania)

Vera Lengsfeld (DDR-dissident, former member of the German Parliament, writer, Germany)

Žiga Turk (University of Ljubljana, former minister for Education, Science and Culture, Slovenia)

Hermann Tertsch (member of the European Parliament, Spain)

José Miguel Serrano Ruiz-Calderón (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

Edgardo Zablotsky (rector, University of CEMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Stanley G. Payne (University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA)

Antonio Donno (University of Salento, Lecce, Italy)

Jamie Glazov (editor of Front Page magazine, USA)

Stefano Zecchi (University of Milan, Italy)

Guélia Pevzner (journalist, France)

Emil Draitser (Hunter College, New York City, USA)

Giuliana Iurlano (University of Salento, Lecce, Italy)

Richard Salomon (retired U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Officer, National Security Consultant, USA)

Anne W. Carroll (executive director, Seton School, USA)

Theresa Hubbard (U.S. Military Officer (retired) and political activist, USA)

Thor Halvorssen (president, Human Rights Foundation, USA)

Maximilian Wolf Valerio (poet and writer, USA)

Cliff Kincaid (president, America's Survival, Inc., USA)

Pavel Stroilov (lawyer and author, United Kingdom)

Javier Barraycoa Martínez (vice-rector University Abad Oliba, Barcelona, Spain)

Rubén Manso Olivar (University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain)

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (member of the European Parliament, Poland)

Stephen Hicks (Rockford University, Illinois, USA)

Erhard Busek (former vice-chancellor of the Austrian Republic, Austria)

Paweł Ukielski (former deputy president of Institute of National Remembrance, currently deputy director of Warsaw Rising Museum, Poland)

Philip Boobbyer (University of Kent, United Kingdom)

Marcello Pera (former president of the Senate of the Italian Republic, Italy)

Carlos del Campo García Huidobro (Chilean Society for Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, Chile)

Justinas Žilinskas (Mikolas Romeris University of Vilnius, Lithuania)

Francesco Alberoni (sociologist, Italy)

Ferdinando Adornato (president of the Fondazione Liberal, Italy)

Gia Jandieri (vice-president and founder of New Economic School, Georgia)

Vittorio Macioce (editor of the newspaper Il Giornale, Italy)

Jean Sévillia (journalist and historian, France)

Alejandra M. Salinas (Catholic University of Argentina)

Martin Dewhirst (University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Pierre-André Taguieff (historian of ideas, director of research at the CNRS, France)

Ana Blandiana (writer, president of the Memorial of the Victims of Communism from Sighet, Romania)

Michael Ledeen (Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, USA)

Eunie Smith (president emeritus Eagle Forum, USA)

Richard Perle (former undersecretary of Defense, USA)

Benjamin Harnwell (director of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, Italy)

Edward N. Luttwak (author, USA)

Serge Assier (artistic photographer, France)

Peter Hoeres (Julius-Maximilian University, Würzburg, Germany)

Bertrand de Orleans e Bragança (Imperial Prince of Brazil)

Arnaud Imatz (historian and essayst, France)

Jean-Louis Harouel (University Paris II, France)

Gerd Habermann (co-founder of the Friedrich von Hayek Society, University of Potsdam, Germany)

Carlos Alberto Montaner (writer and journalist, Cuba-Spain-USA)

Giulio Cainarca (journalist, director of Radio Padania, Italy)

Gerardo Bongiovanni (president of the Fundación Libertad, Argentina)

Ron Manners (chairman of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Australia)

Alan Charles Kors (professor emeritus of History, University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Lorenzo Montanari (vice-president, International Affairs and Strategies Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, USA)

Alvino-Mario Fantini (editor-in-chief, “The European Conservative” magazine, Austria)

Rodica Coposu (honorary president of Coposu Foundation, sister of Corneliu Coposu, prominent figure of the anti-communist resistance, Romania)

María Fernanda Cabal (senator of the Republic of Colombia)

Pablo Victoria (economist and historian, former senator of the Republic of Colombia)

Javier Silva Salas (writer, Chile)

Eduardo Palacios Maceira (MBA, former member of the Board of Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay)

D’Mar Córdoba (journalist, professor of Constitutional Law, Bogotá, Colombia)

Dimitrij Rupel (professor University of Ljubljana, first Slovenian minister of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia)

Jan Zobec (judge, former member of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia)

Jožef Jerošek (former member of the Slovenian Parliament, Slovenia)

Gilles-William Goldnadel (former president of the association France-Israel, founder and president of the pro-Israeli association Avocats sans frontières, France)

Steven Rosefielde (professor of Economics, University of North Carolina, member of the Russian Academy of Economic Science, USA)

Grégor Puppinck (director of European Centre for Law and Justice, Strasbourg, France)

Vasko Simoniti (historian and former minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia)

Victoria Mushkatkol (pianist, USA)

Janez Juhant (prof. emeritus, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Janez Remškar (former director of the Ministry of Health, Slovenia)

Robert R. Reilly (director of the Westminster Institute, former director of The Voice of America, former member of the Office of The Secretary of Defense, USA)

Roger Kimball (editor and publisher of The New Criterion, president and publisher of Encounter Books, USA)

Stéphane Courtois (historian, author of the Black Book of Communism, France)

Edwin J. Feulner (founder and retired president of The Heritage Foundation, USA)

Antonio Tajani (former president and currently member of the European Parliament, Italy)

Cristina Cattaneo (psychologist and writer, Italy)

Giorgia Meloni (former minister and vice-president of the Italian Parliament, currently member of the Chamber of Deputies, Italy)

Andrej Umek (University of Maribor, former minister of Education and Technology, Slovenia)

Adolfo Urso (president of the Foundation “Fare Futuro”, senator and vice-president of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic, Italy)

Ricardo Puentes Melo (director of Periodistas sin Fronteras, Colombia)

Antonio Ramos Zúñiga (historian and writer, USA-Cuba)

Roderick Navarro (founder of the movement Rumbo Libertad, Venezuela)

Francesco Bigazzi (journalist and essayst, Italy)

Ángel Fernández (president of the think tank El Club de los Viernes, Spain)

France Cukjati (former speaker of the Slovenian Parlament, Slovenia)

Antonio Sánchez García (writer, historian, journalist, Venezuela)

Karen Caballero (journalist and anchorwoman, Cuba-Colombia)

Valery Buival (art historian, secretary of the Christian Conservative Party, Belarus)

Livio Caputo (journalist, Italy)

John Christmas (banker, whistleblower against Parex Bank of Latvia, Latvia)

Aldo Forbice (journalist, Italy)

Alessandra Nucci (journalist and writer, Italy)

Carlo Scognamiglio Pasini (economist, former president of the Senate of the Italian Republic, Italy)

Olena Ponomareva (University La Sapienza of Rome, Italy)

Adrian Ravier (director of the Economics Master of ESEADE University, Argentina)

Andrej Aplenc (former Yugoslavia-dissident, writer, Slovenia)

Julio Loredo de Izcue (president of the Association “Tradizione Famiglia Proprietà”, Italy)

Adriano Teso (entrepreneur, former member of the Italian Parliament, Italy)

Johannes Kaiser (journalist, director of the channel El Nacional-Libertario, Chile)

Agustín Laje (writer, director of the Centro de Estudios LIBRE, Argentina)

Luis Leonel León (writer and producer, Cuba-USA)

Hugo Vera Ojeda (president of ISSOS Foundation, Paraguay)

Nicolás Márquez (writer, journalist, internacional lecturer, Argentina)

Yoaxis Marcheco Suárez (Patmos Institute, USA-Cuba)

Mario Félix Lleonart Barroso (president of the Patmos Institute, USA-Cuba)

Klas-Göran Karlsson (historian, Lund University, Sweden)

Federico Jorge Jiménez Losantos (journalist and essayst, president of the group Libertad Digital, Spain)

Juliana Geran Pilon (senior fellow at The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, USA)

Barbara Ledeen (activist, former director of Independent Women's Forum, USA)

Iván Espinosa de los Monteros (member of the Spanish Parliament, Spain)

Dušan Dostanić (Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Serbia)

Andreja Valič Zver (member of the Executive Board of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, Slovenia)

Aleksandar Novaković (Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Serbia)

Roberto Cachanosky (economist and essayst, Argentina)

Aldo Rosado-Tuero (writer, journalist, director of the digital newspaper “El Nuevo Acción”, Cuba-USA)

Carl G. Holm (economist, chief editor of the Magazine Contra, Sweden)

Veselin Vukotic (leading founder and rector of University of Donja Gorica, academic at MASA and member of Mont Pelerin Society, Montenegro)

Dmitry Rachmanov (California State University, Northridge, USA)

Petar Ivanovic (member of the Parliament of Montenegro)

Zoran Djikanovic (president of Capital Markets Authority of Montenegro)

Bob McEwen (executive director of the Council for National Policy, USA)

Maja Drakic Grgur (dean of Faculty of international economics, finance and business at University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro)

Jadranka Kaludjerovic (director, Institute for strategic studies and prognosis, University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro)

Diana West (writer and essayst, USA)

Tim Wood (Olympic Silver Medalist and World Figure Skating Champion, USA)

Miloslav Samardžić (journalist and writer, Serbia)

Stefano Piazza (journalist and writer, Switzerland)

Pilar Gutiérrez (founder of Movimiento por España, Spain)

Malgorzata Wolczyk (journalist, Poland)

Lorenzo Fontana (former member of the European Parliament, former minister for Family and currently member of the Chamber of Deputies, Italy)

Luis Felipe Utrera-Molina (lawyer and essayst, Spain)

Giorgio Spaziani Testa (lawyer, president of Confedilizia (Building Property Confederation), Italy)

Luigi Marco Bassani (University of Milan «La Statale», Italy)

Aldo Abram (economist, executive director of the Foundation Libertad y Progreso, Argentina)

Jerónimo Molina Cano (University of Murcia, Spain)

Francesco Borgonovo (chief editor of the newspaper «La Verità», Italy)

Philippe De Lara (University Paris 2, France)

Michael Yaroshevsky (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)

Alexander von Sachsen (Prince of Saxony, Germany)

Roger R. Ream (president of The Fund for American Studies, USA)

Gerald Christian Nordskog (president of Nordskog Publishing, USA)

Lazar Fleishman (Stanford University, USA)

Antoine Arjakovsky (historian, research director, Collège des Bernardins, Paris, France)

Wolfgang-Christian Fuchs (president of Inter-Asso - Internationale Assoziation ehemaliger politischer Gefangener und Opfer des Kommunismus, Germany)

Jonila Godole (executive director of the IDMC - Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture, Albania)

Robert Kostro (director, Polish History Museum of Warsaw, Poland)

Milos Suchma (president, Czech and Slovak Association of Canada)

Ronaldas Račinskas (executive director, Secretariat of the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation regimes in Lithuania)

Gjon Radovani (chairman of the Board, MEMO Center, Albania)

Florian Razvan-Mihalcea (president of the Timisoara Society, Romania)

Peter Rendek (director of the Centre for Documentation of Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic)

Vito Comencini (member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Italy)

Francesco Perfetti (LUISS University, Rome, Italy)

Paolo Sardos Albertini (president of the Association Lega Nazionale, Trieste, Italy)

Lucio Malan (member of Senate of the Italian Republic, Italy)

Marek Mutor (director of the Remembrance and Future Institute, Wrocław, Poland)

Philip Setzer (violinist, USA)

Dariusz Gawin (deputy director of Warsaw Rising Museum, Poland)

Paolo Borchia (member of the European Parliament, Italy)

Dariusz Karłowicz (president of the St. Nicolas Foundation, editor in chief of the review Teologia Polityczna, Poland)

Sandra Vokk (member of Board of the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, Estonia)

Agustín Etchebarne (economist, general director of the Foundation Libertad y Progreso, Argentina)

Christof T. Zellenberg (president of the Europa Institut, Wien, Austria)

Petr Blažek (historian, Centre for Documentation of Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic)

Fausto Biloslavo (journalist and war correspondent, newspaper Il Giornale, Italy)

Pavel Žáček (historian, member of the Czech Parliament, Czech Republic)

Ivonka Survilla (president of the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, Belarus/Canada)

Viachaslau Bortnik (Belarusian American human rights defender, Secretary of the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, Belarus/USA)

Tanja Nyberg (president of the Magnitsky Act Initiative, Russia)

Johann Grünbauer (president of the Foundation History of Totalitarian Regimes and their Victims, Nederland)

Federico Fernández (president of the Fundación Bases, Argentina)

Jaak Madison (member of the European Parliament, Estonia)

Jarosław Szarek (president of the Institute of National Remembrance, Poland)

Ryan Williams (president of The Claremont Institute, USA)

Anton Stres (rector of the Catholic Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia)

George K. Rasley, Jr. (editor of the Richard Viguerie’s, USA)

James Bartholomew (director of the Museum of Communist Terror, United Kingdom)

Isabella Rauti (senator of the Italian Republic, Italy)

Ludwik Klimkowski (chairman of the Tribute to Liberty Memorial to the Victims of Communism, Canada)

Anton Friesen (member of German Parliament (Bundestag), Germany)

Maria Axinte (president of the Pitesti Prison Memorial Foundation, Romania)

Olesia Stasiuk (general director of the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide, Ukraine)

Marilena Rotaru (journalist, filmmaker, writer, Romania)

Jonathan Daly (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

Nicolae Constantinescu (university professor of Medicine and Pharmacy, director of the Revue "Memoria", Romania)

Alessandro Giovannini (full professor, University of Siena, Italy)

Lidia Bodea (general director of the Humanitas Publishing House, Romania)

Ovidiana-Raluca Bulumac (University of Bucharest, president of the Romanian Association of Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Geoculture, Romania)

Karl Altau (managing director of the JBANC - Joint Baltic American National Committee, USA)

Rafael Bardají (director of GEES - Strategic Studies Group, Spain)

Anderson Silva Mendes (Brazil)

Vladimir Frumkin (musicologist, USA)

Tamara Lipkin (USA)

Jonathan Sprague (USA)

Francois Baird (Mr., USA)

Elizabeth Ledner (Mrs., USA)

Ivan Stoyanov (Mr., Bulgaria)

Patrick Colquhoun (director, Medical Support in Romania, United Kingdom)

Chris Schmidt (mathematics student, USA)

John Collignon (Mr., USA)

Bruce Farcau (Dr., USA)

Lynette Pattison (Mrs., Australia)

Linda Sax (USA)

Patricia Gutierrez (pianist, USA)

C. W. Trauernicht (USA)

Maria Alsing (bachelor of commerce, Denmark)

Leonid Stonov (international director, UCSJ - Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union, USA)

William Collignon (Mr., USA)

Юхим Тульчинський (Ukraine)

Steven Dean (citizen, USA)

Gene Mierzejewski (Mr., USA)

Virginia Wolfe (Mrs., USA)

Lawrence D. Wolfe (Mr., USA)

Susanna Harbach (Mrs., United Kingdom)

Stanley Nabrinsky (MD, USA)

Judy K. Warner (Mrs., USA)

Gary Gindler (Dr., USA)

Daniel Gorgoglione (Mr., USA)

Connie Hair (Ms., USA)

Dennis J. Stallings (P.E., USA)

Susan Austin (educator, USA)

Danilo Delgado (Tech, Cuba)

Sofiya Pechenik (Ms., USA)

Rhoda Henelde Abecasis (literary translator, Spain)

Dean Black (Mr., USA)

Mary Pat Campbell (USA)

Celia Taylor (Dr., United Kingdom)

Vladimir Agafonenok (Russia)

Regina Davidoff (musician, USA)

Erik Mario Baumgarten (Mr., Italy)

Shane Hershberger (Mr., USA)

Carol Malczynski (Mrs., Canada)

Kris Bancroft (Mr., USA)

Monika Genova (Bulgaria)

David Anderson (Mr., Canada)

Santiago Rodriguez (musician, USA)

Tom Swartz (registered pharmacist, USA)

Alexander Jason (forensic consultant, USA)

Samuel Amaral (Mr., Angola)

Azgar Ishkildin (Mr., Russia)

Larisa Biyuts (Ms., Russia)

Robert Pattison (Mr., Australia)

Ivan Nery Costa Pinto (Mr., Brazil)

Mikhail Milman (musician, Russia)

Elyse Mach (professor, USA)

Bertha Tucker (Mrs., USA)

Andrew Smirnoff (Mr., USA)

Michael Meylacq (professor emeritus, France)

Татьяна Монахова (citizen, Russia)

Horacio Gutierrez (concert pianist, USA)

Tania Glavatskaya (Canada)

Yurii Ezepchuk (retired professor, National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver, Biomedical Center of the University of Colorado, USA)

Carlton L. Eugene (Mr., USA)

Guillermo Del Sol Pérez (independent journalist, Cuba)

Bianca Gjomarkaj-Nakovics (private citizen, Albania)

Moritz Lampert (lawyer, Germany)

Silvia Casado (advertiser, Puerto Rico)

Elsa Morejón (Cuba)

Alexa Vasiuta (Ms., Ukraine)

Mariano Bizzarri (professor, Italy)

Elsa Marti (Mrs., USA)

Andrej Mihevc (Prof. Dr., Slovenia)

Jason Poblete (Attorney, USA)

Izabela Gados (Ms., Poland)

Niurcy Acosta Pacheco (Chile)

Gianluca Grosso (lawyer, Italy)

Monika Szamik (student, Poland)

Joachim von Breitenstein (Mr. (Major GAF ret.), Germany)

Luis Idania (USA)

Barbara Roehrle (Germany)

Roman Kopriva (PhD, Czech Republic)

Manuela Marchese (Italy)

Dino Fantoni (Mr., Italy)

Aadi Daass (Mr., India)

Yuri Kornyushin (Dr. Sci. Physics, Israel)

Михайло Костів (Ukraine)

Ryszard Jaskolski (Mr., Australia)

Peter Runge (Dr. engineer, Germany)

Giovanni Saladino (Dr., Italy)

Omar Hidalgo (Mr., USA)

Dorota Walczuk (Mrs., United Kingdom)

Abraham Blumenkranc (PhD, Puerto Rico)

Piotr Bakiera (Mr., Australia)

Claudio Consolini (Italy)

Rebeca Ulloa (cuban writer, Cuba-USA)

Afrodyta Papadopulu (civil architect, Norway)

Tomasz Surma (owner, Poland)

Tomasz Kowalski (Dr., Australia)

Valentyn Desiatnyk (Mr., Ukraine)

Cezary-Władysław Rembowski (Poland)

Mateja David (Mr., Belgium)

Valeria Tripolitania (Ms., Italy)

Gabriela Kuhn (Ms., Poland)

Piotr Maliszewski (Mr., Poland)

Marek Abramowicz (Mr., Poland)

Anastasiia Platonova (Ukraine)

Jaroslaw Richert (Mag. engineer, Spain)

Tetyana Ionkin (Mrs., Ukraine)

Danuta Stolle-Grosfeld (Poland)

Jolanta Lesiuk (economist, Poland)

Martin Vadas (film director, Czech Republic)

Biliana Galu (economist, Romania)

Lydia Pahmeier (Dr., Germany)

Joe Lysiak (Mr., USA)

Cornelia Höhne (Dipl. restaurator, Germany)

Ariana Valdes Soutelo (doctor, Cuba)

Junc Marius Giuliano (Mr., Romania)

Zdeněk Merta (Mr., Czech Republic)

Ernesta Gambioli (graduated, Italy)

Zbigniew Markiewicz (Mr., USA)

Werner Karsch (artist, Germany)

Gheorghe Galu (economist, Romania)

Philipp Ammon (MA, Germany)

Marek Ledóchowski (MSc, Poland)

Sérgio dos Santos (Mr., Portugal)

Fiona Cochrane (Ms., United Kingdom)

Adam Gajewski (Poland)

Hodina Vlastimil (Czech Republic)

Oksana Samson (Ukraine)

Henryk Lasota (Dr., Poland)

Eric Micha (translator, Germany)

Damian Borys (Mr., Poland)

Barbara Sojski (translator, Norway)

Zuzana Sikacova (MD, Czech Republic)

Dan Dumitru Calinescu (MA, Romania)

Barije Karabollaj (Albania)

Nadia Zotaj (Mrs., USA)

Livia Rotaru (Mrs., Romania)

Andrea Cestari (engineer, Italy)

Constantin Ittu (professor, Romania)

Reinhard Klaus (Dipl. chemist, Germany)

David Palmer (Mr., United Kingdom)

Lek Mirakaj (former political prisoner, retired, Albania-USA)

Răzvan Tibrea (Mr., Romania)

Selim Sukaj (Mr., Albania)

Hektor Zotaj (Mr., USA)

Harald Bechberger (Dr. Phil., Germany)

Gabriele Guida (Mr., Italy)

Helena Flack (Mrs., Canada)

Leonardo Noventa (Italy)

Zsolt Szilágyi (member of the Board, Platform of European Memory and Conscience (PEMC), Romania)

Ciljeta Ramo (Belgium)

Daiva Tamosaityte (PhD, Lithuania)

Lazar Zivanac (Mr., Serbia)

Carmen Munteanu (MD PhD, France)

Irina Ciungu (Mrs., Romania-United Kingdom)

Claus-Georg Pleyer (Dipl. eng. (FH), Germany)

Patris Zotaj (Mr., USA)

Sarunas Siugzda (Mr., Lithuania)

Miran Butka (foreign relations, Albania)

Nedeianu Nicusor Augustin (Romania)

Ermir Xhindi (Albania)

Florin Spataru (Mr., Germany)

Dzintra Gorman (Mrs., USA)

Lutfi Hifzi Kelmendi (Albania)

Marta Piotrowska-Sałbut (Poland)

Tom Ndoja (victim, Albania)

Dorina Bodea (Ms., Romania)

Tj Fudakowski (member ZPS, Poland)

Elton Stefani (citizen, Albania)

Maya Griggs (volunteer for Judgement in Moscow, USA)

Kujtim Cekani (Albania)

Edward Bucaj (Mr., Albania)

Kelvin Zifla (Mr., Albania)

Chris Kirka (Mr., Albania)

Roland Catalin Pena (journalist, Romania)

Mirela Risden (science instructor, USA)

Corinna Herold (MdL, Germany)

Hans-Joachim Fiedler (Dr., Germany)

Etrid Zifla (Mr., Albania)

Paola Bertolini (Italy)

Oana Pellea (Romania)

Ritta Stoica (Romania)

Arkadi Friesen (Germany)

László Tőkés (president, Temesvár Remembrance Committee, Romania)

Juan C. Delgado (doctor, Cuba)

Dafina Heqimi (Albania)

Silvano Puglisi (Italy)

Juela Sulka (Albania)

Teodor Hasna (United Kingdom)

Rozi Dako (Albania)

Emil Culda (auditor (partner ECULDA s.r.l.), Romania)

Diana Marinescu (Romania)

Victor Coiciu (Romania)

Iuliana Bacioiu (economist, Romania)

Frank Busse (Dr. med., Germany)

Florin Balasescu (Romania)

Valbona Hardolli (Albania)

Maria Iuliana Velica (Romania)

Larisa Alexandrescu (Romania)

Lia Cuceu (Romania)

Gheorghe Cătălin Rosculet (engineer, Romania)

Dagmar Kraft (Dr., Germany)

Anelia Bojidar (teacher, Romania)

Larisa Pirvu (Romania)

Frank Mäusling (Germany)

Remigijus Siauciunas (Mr., Lithuania)

Maria-Aura Bulacu (Mrs., Romania)

Liliana Olteanu (Romania)

Diana Sava (Mrs., Romania)

Marius Draghici (Romania)

Iuliana Draghicescu (economist, Romania)

Daniela Schitelea (United Kingdom)

Anca Dumitrescu (psychotherapist, Romania)

Flutura Hardolli (Albania)

Daniela Ciociea (lawyer, Romania)

Michał Szprot (Poland)

Peter Müller (former president of the OKR, Germany)

Amber Lincourt (Ms., USA)

Ioan Ionescu (Medical Research Council, Romania)

Ioan Rosca (PhD, Romania)

Dragnea Laurentiu (Mr., Romania)

Paolo Cortesi (priest, Bulgaria)

Michael Gink (Germany)

Geo-Dan Marinescu (Romania)

Bernd Hüttner (Dr. rer. nat., Germany)

Andreea Predutoiu (Ms., Romania)

Dieter Eck (Mr., Germany)

Cristina Anca (Romania)

Letitia Mitrofan (legal advisor, Romania)

Eva-Maria Gink (Germany)

Flori Guri (Albania)

Florin Cristea (Mr., Romania)

Eugen Mihai Davidescu (Mr., United Kingdom)

Flavius Boncea (Mr., Romania)

Valentin Datcu (Mr., Romania)

Vlad Alexandru Toma (Romania)

Georgiana Geru (Romania)

Mariana Iancu (jurnalist, Romania)

Brigitte Mäusling (Germany)

Andra Oxana Tolnai (Romania)

Lazar Baja (Serbia)

Ovidiu Pop (Mr., Romania)

Dragnea Laurentiu Stefan (Mr., Romania)

Lidia Tatarasanu (Mrs., Romania)

Oana Moldovan (Dr., Romania)

Al.Florin Țene (Romania)

Viorica Patea (Dr., Spain)

Mihnea-Stefan Mihai (Dr., Switzerland)

Cristina Ilie (Ms., Romania)

Constantin Benciu (Mr., Romania)

Nikoloz Aleksidze (professor, Georgia)

Dana Marc (Mrs., Romania)

Cornelia Maniu (Romania)

Cornel Paraschiv (Mr., United Kingdom)

Marinica Velica (Romania)

Claudiu Vlad (Mr., Romania)

Mircea Nistor (Romania)

Ioan Popoiu (writer, Romania)

Nicoleta Anghel (student, Romania)

Claudia Peter (Mrs., Romania)

Anda Barbulescu (architect, Romania)

Emilia Gagiu (Mrs., Romania)

Angela Tudorii (Ms., USA)

Andreea Driver (Ms., United Kingdom)

Constantin Cristescu Radu (rock mechanics engineering, Romania)

Vladislav Ermakov (Russia)

Alexandra Catuneanu (student at Faculty of History, Romania)

Carmen Strambeanu (translator, Romania)

Ion G. Tudor (jurnalist, Romania)

Andrei Dutu (Dr., Romania)

Lluka Qafoku (Mr., pensioner, Albania)

Monica Irimia (bookseller, France)

Eliana Arjoca (lawyer, Romania)

Octav Fuger (Mr., Romania)

Edmund Roos (Romania)

Dana Prelipceanu (editor, Romania)

Ioan Dan Rusen (painter, Romania)

Constantin Cioscu (Romania)

Elena Savin (Dr., Romania)

Diaconu Raducu (Mr., Romania)

Sergiu Iva (Mr., USA)

Kalman Szerzo (Mr., Romania)

Cristian Nicolae (manager IT, Spain)

Cristina Vlasceanu (Ms., Romania)

Larisa Neda (Ms., Romania)

Ema Viziru (Ms., Germany)

Anita Mente (Ms., USA)

Doina Suteu (Dr., United Kingdom)

Andreea Dogariu (Mrs., Romania)

Adrian Enache (Romania)

Teodora Morar (Romania)

Ramona Radu (professor, Romania)

Andreas Pohl (Dipl. eng., Germany)

Sorin Alexandru Staicu (Dr. eng., Romania)

Mircea Ignat (Dr. eng., Romania)

Petre Sandu (Romania)

Regine Stephan (Germany)

Marek Kosendiak (Dr., Poland)

Marilena Carmen Dumitru (Romania)

Marko Stifanic (Croatia)

Jörg Wieters (PR manager, Germany)

Erisa Pirgu (lawyer, Italy)

Mady Duran (Germany)

Rozeta Paja Fishta (Albania)

Ewa Maj (Dr., Poland)

Martin Nela (Belgium)

Boian Cornel (Romania)

Andy Ionescu (Mr., USA)

Andreea Popescu (Mrs., Romania)

Gabriela Blanita (Romania)

Alex. Ștefănescu (writer, Romania)

Ghengiomer Altan (Romania)

Iulius Oleniuc (Romania)

Horațiu Coman (Romania)

John Ciutacu (Canada)

Luminita Iordachi (Romania)

Teresa Szczuka (Poland)

Ana-Maria Popescu (United Kingdom)

Paul Vlad Dumitru (Romania)

Livia Pop (Mrs., Romania)

Cristiana Mihaela Anghel (jurist, Romania)

Florina Crista Ventzel (Romania)

Alexandra Preda (Mrs., Romania)

Alexandra Popescu (retired, Romania)

Daniela Burlacu (journalist, Romania)

Carmen Quach (Ms., Romania)

Sonia Andronic (teacher, Romania)

Andreea Mădălina Done (teacher History of Religion, Romania)

Roxana Lupu (Mrs., Romania)

Łukasz Wójcicki (Poland)

Ghimus Doina (translator, Romania)

Elena Chesculescu (Romania)

Peter Sušnik (general secretary, Nova Slovenska zaveza/New Slovenian Covenant, Slovenia)

Corneliu Stanciulescu (Romania)

Cristina Bejan (engineer, Romania)

Octavian Stanescu (Romania)

Victor Pop (Romania)

Diana Corjan (Romania)

George Tipoia (Romania)

Ioana Moraru (sociologist, Romania)

Janusz Wolniak (Poland)

Orkid Spahiu (Albania)

Ioan Constantin Armenean (Romania)

Iljaz Hoxha (Belgium)

Valentin Ungur (Mr., Romania)

Larisia Horgos (teacher, Greece)

Petre Mitrea (Mr., Romania)

Rodelinda Scheel (Germany)

Carmen Serghie Lopez (docteur ès lettres, CEFRO, France)

Anamaria Cojocaru Uleia (chemical engineer, Romania)

Liana Pogacias (Romania)

Alina Veres (Romania)

Jürgen Ullmann (Austria)

Melania Briciu (Austria)

Mitrache Dumitru (Romania)

Maria Gruita (Romania)

Elena Sevaciuc (Brasov, Romania)

George Paul Cușmir (Dr., Romania)

Dan Hutanu (Mr., USA)

Mihaela Spinei (retired teacher, Romania)

Adrian Voloc (medical specialist, Romania)

Marek Turowski (Mr., Poland)

Frank Oeffner (Dr., Germany)

Sergio Testi (Italy)

Spiridon Marian-Viorel (Romania)

Alin Gherga (lawyer, Romania)

Suzana Silay (Romania)

Gilda Lazar (journalist, Romania)

Jugariu Ovidiu (Romania)

Badea Gheorghe (professor, Romania)

Alex Cojocaru (Mr., Romania)

Aurelian Bizo (Dr., Romania)

Teodor Maries (president of "21th December 1989" Association, Bucharest, Romania)

Camelia Chirondojan (Italy)

Maria Savulescu (Romania)

Ioana Antoaneta Stancu (english teacher, Romania)

Constantin Bărbulescu (professor, Romania)

Marius Pircalaboiu (Romania)

Robert Veres (Mr., Romania)

Roxana Muha (Mrs., Romania)

Cristina Radulescu (Romania)

Roxana Cosma (Mrs., Romania)

Claudia Șchiopu (Romania)

Dan-Iuliu Sandru (Mr., Germany)

Mihaela Mafteiu (Romania)

Luminița Saftu (PhD lecturer, Romania)

Otilia Teposu (journalist, Romania)

Gheorghe Hele (therapist tc/a, Romania)

Merfu Sorin (Romania)

Virgiliu Pop (researcher, Romania)

Maxim Corciova (Mr., Germany)

Mircea-Sever Roman (secretary, Romania)

Mihnea Cristian Badea (teacher, Romania)

Angela Ghergut (Mrs., Romania)

Ana Florescu (Mrs., Romania)

Dinu Gindu (Mr., Romania)

Andrei-Radu Negrila (Dr., Romania)

Daniel Saratoc (Mr., Romania)

Diana Bogea (journalist, Romania)

Boguslaw Piksa (Mr., Germany)

Vasile Aurelian (engineer, Romania)

Valentin Grigore (president SARM - Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy, Romania)

Linda Ciuche (Romania)

Alin Burchiu (Austria)

Andrei-Cristian Murgescu (Mr., Romania)

Marius-Gh. Boga (Romania)

Eugen Tischler (Romania)

Olivia Ignatescu (Mrs., Romania)

Cristina Raluca Iliescu (Mrs., Romania)

Cornelia Rosu (Romania)

Antonie Popescu (lawyer, Bucharest, Romania)

Claudiu Bacanu (cyber-security advisor, Romania)

Vlad Marinescu (Mr., Romania)

Adrian Aurelian Teodoru (Romania)

Anca Suta-Avram (legal officer, Romania)

Calina Malina (Romania)

Popa Teodor (Romania)

Drăgan-George Basarabă (Mr., Romania)

Constantin Mihnea (Mr., Romania)

Lucian Maticiuc (lecturer PhD, Romania)

Alberto Bermejo (Spain)

Edmond Roman (Mr., Romania)

Mihaela Baciu (retired pediatrician, Romania)

Leontin Horatiu Iuhas (Mr., Romania)

Rascanu Ion (Mr., Switzerland)

Mihai Alexandrescu (Mr., Romania)

Remus Tanasă (PhD, Romania)

Anca Dan (MD, PhD, Romania)

Alexandru Ionut Techeres (Romania)

Oana Păun (Romania)

Daniel Balanescu (fine artist, Romania)

Ioana Stan (Ms., Romania)

Györke Zoltán (historian, Romania)

Marco Oselini (director of the website Museo degli orrori del Comunismo, Italy)

Gabriel Marius Rus (Mr, Romania)

Cristina-Elena Cenusa (translator, Romania)

Radu Mircea Ciuceanu (PhD, Romania)

Adrian Cater (MD, Romania)

Traian Rânja (engineer, Romania)

Alexandru Nicolae (Prof. Dr. eng., Romania)

Mihail Hirdea (teacher, Romania)

Marius Cristian (historian, Romania)

Adrian Nedelciu (doctor, Romania)

Ana Ciucan Tutuianu (teacher, Belize)

Grimalschi Ana (lawyer, Romania)

Claudiu Târziu (journalist, Romania)

Flori Bălănescu (researcher in history, Romania)

Giuliano Grossi (lawyer, Italy)

Tiberiu Catona (theologian, publisher, Romania)

David Ileana (pensioner, Romania)

Mircea Ivanoiu (teacher/eng. PhD, Romania)

Toma Kassovitz (pensioner, Romania)

Radu Mihaela (teacher, Romania)

Andrei Turcanu (writer, Republic of Moldova)

Madalina Oprea (Dipl. engineer, Romania)

Nitoi Ovidiu (engineer, Romania)

Michał Szukała (journalist, historian, Poland)

Hele Gheorghe Avram (pensioner, Romania)

Nicoleta Savin (journalist, Romania)

Lili Heroiu (engineer, Romania)

Ciofu Costel (engineer, Romania)

Ovidiu Nimigean (writer, Romania)

Mathias Pellack (journalist, Germany)

Roxana Luminița Steriu (engineer, Romania)

Maria Simona Guzu (medical assistant, Romania)

Horea Mocanu (engineer, Romania)

Mariana Petre Hantelmann (engineer retired, teacher, Romania)

Mirela Bojin (engineer, Romania)

Leonard Campeanu (engineer, Romania)

Krzysztof Kowalczyk (Dr. hab., professor Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, Poland)

Rândunel Traian Martinescu (engineer, Romania)

Roland Voss (gardener, Germany)

Diana Mary Sitek (writer, USA)

Anna Cichocka (lawyer and historian, Instytut Pawła Włodkowica, Poland)

Roxana Stan (professor, Romania)

Ingo Weber (musicologist, Germany)

Eric A. Six (LPN / nurse, USA)

Dorina Diaconescu (opponent of the communist regime, Romania)

Daniela Tutunaru (teacher, Romania)

Marian Statache (project manager, Romania)

Serge Luryi (distinguished professor, Stony Brook University, New York, USA)

Emil Hidoș (pensioner, former political prisoner 1970/1976, Romania)

Algis Klimaitis (publisher, Lithuania)

Thomas Lifson (editor and publisher of American Thinker, USA)

Guglielmo Piombini (bookseller, Italy)

Attila K. Molnár (director of the Thomas Molnar Institute, Hungary)

Michael Kamarad (Mag., Austria)

Christian Zeitz (director of the Institute for Advanced Political Economy, Austria)

Katharina Elisabeth Deifel (Prof. Dr., Austria)

Şerban Nichifor (composer/Prof. Dr., National University of Music, Romania)

Harald Fiegl (Dr., Austria)

Christian Machek (Dr., Austria)

Mircea Dan Irimescu (engineer, Romania)

Irina Lazarescu (blogger, Romania)

Mona C. Gradinariu (student, International Criminal Justice, USA)

Mircea Burlacu (jurist, Romania)

Carmen Antonie (economist, Romania)

Cristian Ștefan Dragu (Mr., Romania)

Alina Bălan (teacher, Romania)

Oana Gabriela Nita (sales manager, Romania)

Giuseppe Mirisciotti (pensioner, Italy)

Aldo Pizzuto (professional engineer, Italy)

Michele Guetta (freelancer, Italy)

Stefano Iannuzzi (banker, Italy)

Piero Zancanaro (lawyer, Italy)

Lucio M. Balbo (pensioner, Italy)

Mario Ledda (doctor med., Italy)

Hannelore Hüttner (Germany)

Giuseppe Galli (engineer, Switzerland)

Leonardo Facco (reporter, Italy)

Georgel Lepădatu (high school student, Romania)

Cerasela Geroc (student, Romania)

Flavio Tordini (software developer, Italy)

Alessandro Piccioni (Mr., Italy)

Elisabetta Scarpelli (entrepreneur, Italy)

Raffaele Vargiu (Italy)

Ana-Maria Irina Nan (student, Romania)

Mihăilă Gabriela Catalina (student, Romania)

Ana Maria Cernat (student, Romania)

Roberto Tutino (freelancer, Italy)

Luca Benegiamo (entrepreneur, Estonia)

Cristina Hangiu (student, Romania)

Anna Maria Conti (pensioner, Italy)

Consuelo Trevisan (art director, Italy)

Rosalba Diana (doctor med., Italy)

Emilio Vianello (Mr., Italy)

Renzo Manassero (pensioner, Italy)

George Mateescu (manager, Romania)

Irina Andreescu-Treadgold (PhD, USA)

Robert Nicusor Manolache (Romania)

Lisa Piccolo (teacher, Italy)

Jasmine Dancovici (student, Romania)

Dragomir David Ionut (student, Romania)

Mărgărit Ionuț (student, Romania)

Marco Antonio Mercalli (horse trainer, Italy)

Edoardo Fuchs (professor, Austria)

Luigi Degan (Dr., Italy)

Stefano Piccioni (geologist, Italy)

Roberto Natali (freelancer, Italy)

Lido Montemaggi (pharmacist, Italy)

Andrea Coletta (consultant, Italy)

Mauro Ferri (pensioner, Italy)

Michele Fiorini (lawyer, Italy)

Christian Bazzucchi (GIS analyst, Italy)

Stefano Gaggiotti (Mr., Italy)

Andreea Ologu (student, Romania)

Alberto Lacchini (pensioner, Italy)

Paolo Silvi (pensioner, Italy)

Damiano Nichetti (business owner, Italy)

Antonio Restaneo (managing director, Italy)

Mihai Daniel Alexandru (student, Romania)

George Mateescu (chef, Romania)

Giuseppe Scotti (agent of trade, Italy)

Jelena Dostanić (assistant professor, Serbia)

Giuseppe Tagliabue (Mr., Italy)

Leonardo De Leo (teacher, Italy)

Mirko Sancisi (engineer, Italy)

Stefan Popa (student, Romania)

Stroe Ioana Bianca (student, Romania)

Paloma Girona Hernández (editor - Magazine Woman Essentia, Spain)

Andrzej Krajewski (journalist, historian, Poland)

Laura Galli (teacher, Italy)

Enrico Andrian (Dr., Italy)

Andrea Zarabara (architect, Italy)

Volodymyr Serhiychuk (professor, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine)

Lorenzo Guggiari (consultant, Italy)

Vasyl Marochko (professor, Holodomor Research Institute (National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide), Ukraine)

Giacomo Consalez (university professor, Italy)

Volodymyr Vasylenko (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Ukraine, professor, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Ukraine)

Franco Core' (quality manager, Italy)

Marika Flaur (editor, Estonia)

Ștefania Teodora Vede (architect, Romania)

Alberto Maria Cavalli (entrepreneur, Italy)

Floriana Petracco (architect, Italy)

Damir Nuriev (student, Estonia)

Peter Kandimaa (pensioner, Estonia)

Alessio Cionini (worker, Italy)

Ingrid Mühlig (communication manager, Estonia)

Emilio Ferro (pensioner, Italy)

Sorin Alex Magherusan (engineer, Romania)

Rokas Bitinaitis (student, Lithuania)

Merle Haruoja (lawyer, Estonia)

Karol Kolk (security guard, Estonia)

Sven Sakkov (director, International Centre for Defence and Security, Estonia)

Nora Stefanova Stranova (project manager, Bulgaria)

Grzegorz Karpiński (historian, Poland)

Paul Crawford (historian, California University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Marul Kuljis (student, Croatia)

Milena Bota (BA public relations, Croatia)

Roman Nikolic (psychiatrist, M.D., Croatia)

Dorijan Palfi (student, Serbia)

Claudiu Cristea (software developer, Romania)

Mall Hellam (CEO, Estonia)

Karoliina Ainge (cybersecurity expert, Estonia)

Mihai-Gabriel Crainicu (student at the Faculty of Political Science, Bucuresti University, Romania)

Urmas Vakkermann (citizen, Estonia)

Erald Kapri (historian, researcher, Albania)

Christian Mancas (computer scientist, Romania)

Carlos de Marcos (university professor, Argentina)

Ioan-Nicolae Săcrieru (student, Romania)

Erik Sakkov (musician, Estonia)

Giancarlo Lehner (writer and historian, Italy)

Raigo Ernits (economist, Estonia)

Rares Costescu (student, Romania)

Gunnar Peipman (developer, Estonia)

Rina Rigato (Dr., Italy)

Burim Tafilica (arts student, Albania)

Gezim Sheme (economist, Albania)

Uran Kupi (student, Albania-Sweden)

Peeter Mikkov (mathematician, theologian, Estonia)

Armando Gjoçi (student, Albania)

Eva Idrizllari (journalist, Albania)

Kaidi Tepaskind (entepreneur, Estonia)

Zamira Bushati (lawyer, Albania)

Alari Janson (writer, Estonia)

Imbi Paju (writer, Estonia)

Alar Laubach (engineer, Estonia)

Anto Rull (farmer, Estonia)

Hajro Çini (investor, Canada)

Masa Sancin (receptionist, Italy)

Asko Künnap (designer, writer, Estonia)

Olavi Tammemäe (Mr., Estonia)

Celo Hoxha (historian, vice-director of Institute of Studies for Communist Crimes and Consequences, Albania)

Nikollë Berishaj (dipl. eng., Montenegro)

Roman Kasak (historian, BA, Estonia)

Ivan Georgiev Sotirov (dipl. mechanical engineer, Bulgaria)

Giordano Felici (student, Italy)

Daniela Bălăneanu (teacher, Romania)

Nikola Samardzic (historian/professor, Serbia)

Taaniel Tambet (student, Estonia)

Srecko Mikulic (professor, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Alberto Lazzaris (student, Italy)

Stanisław Lesiuk (Poland)

Maria Birca (professor, Republic of Moldova)

Daniele Gabrielli (electrotechnician, Italy)

Veiko Spolitis (associate scholar at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Latvia)

Drisel Murati (veterinarian, Albania)

Andres Tvauri (scientist, Estonia)

Urmas Reinsalu (minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia)

Paolo Musumeci (manager consultant, Italy)

Manuel D'Ortenzio (Mr., Italy)

Jordan Vasilev (Mr., Bulgaria)

Trif Trifonov (pastor, Bulgaria)

Andrei Sannikov (ambassador, chairman of European Belarus Foundation, Belarus)

Mihai Prodan (engineer, Romania)

Stipe Gašpar (bacc. of architecture, Croatia)

Stanislav Ovcharenko (philosopher, historian of the world culture, Ukraine)

Michał Dubik (worker, Poland)

Dalina Badescu (historian, Romania)

Tomislav Veg (3D artist, Croatia)

Patryk Nowocień (student, Poland)

Ralitsa Vrabcheva (programmer, Bulgaria)

Liviu Vigu (Dr., Romania)

Fabio Colasanti (Mr., Italy)

Natalia Conran (art director, Romania)

Toivo Purge (homely, Estonia)

Andrzej Grabowski (MD, Poland)

Roman Schachta (IT architect, Poland)

Ante Radnić (maritime engineer, Croatia)

Leszek Strzemiecki (trader, Poland)

Pavel Șușară (writer, critic and art historian, Romania)

Furnica Razvan (freelancer, Romania)

Nicolae Negru (journalist, Republic of Moldova)

Ettore Malpezzi (Mr., Italy)

Andrea Chervisari (manager, Italy)

Roman Halawa (professional engineer, Canada)

Zbyszko Malewski (physician, Poland)

Georgi-Momchil Popov (journalist, writer, Bulgaria)

Mark Redka (social worker, Canada)

Rytis Zemkauskas (associate professor, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)

Yevhen Cherevko (lecturer, Ukraine)

Stefan Petrunov (artist, Bulgaria)

Gerando Kociu (engineer, technician, Albania)

Indrek Tammemägi (Mr., Estonia)

Maaja Kukerman (pensioner, Estonia)

Dmytro Smyrnov (ESL teacher, Ukraine)

Alexandre Bobtchev (engineer, Bulgaria)

Marina Kralik Uremović (Mrs., Croatia)

Giannetto Michelassi (business consultant, Italy)

Peter Saraci (lecturer, Albania)

Carl-Erik Lillak (Mr., Estonia)

Mikołaj Pyziak (software developer, Poland)

Ioan Ionescu (dental technician, retired, Romania)

Jarosław Pawłowski (manager, Poland)

Konrad Grochala (manager, Poland)

Anita Braka (student, Albania)

Ярослав Успенський (programmer, Ukraine)

Ioan Bădilă (mathematician, Romania)

Leszek Deręgowski (worker/Mr., Poland)

Jean-Pierre Lasota-Hirszowicz (professor, France)

Lucija Gregorovic (assistant, Ireland)

Piotr Nowak (historian, Poland)

Didi Donculescu (retired, Romania)

Oleksandr Zheleznyak (translator, Ukraine)

Paul Ciomac (engineer, France)

Ardian Muhaj (Dr., Albania)

Viktor Mots (Estonia)

Славко Пајовић (archpriest, Serbia)

Simone Kleckner (juridical librarian, USA)

Paul Popescu (retired, USA)

Andres Männart (economist, business manager, Estonia)

Dan Rosca (self-employed, Romania)

Magdalena Giuroiu (retired admin. assistant, USA)

Stoc Petrov (engineer, Austria)

Alexandru Paulescu (engineer, USA)

Alexa Ionescu (journalist, Romania)

Sabina Popa (retired teacher, Romania)

Leslie Gratz (management, USA)

Dan Antonescu-Wolf (MD, USA)

Liviu Giuroiu (retired quality engineer, USA)

Ioannis Nouskas (cardiologist/PhD, Greece)

Rasmus Peäske (secondary school student, Estonia)

Maik Salla (student, Estonia)

Vascan Dumitru (professor, Romania)

Alexandru Revenco (journalist, Romania)

Artur Bala (independent consultant, Albania)

Ahoria Mironescu (engineer, Romania)

Paul-Jan Bogdan (priest, Romania)

Enriketa Papa (historian/PhD, Albania)

Ian Smith (patriot/CounterPsyOps, USA)

Monica-Carmen Lala-Popa (Mrs., Romania)

Radu Savinel (engineer, Romania)

René Minier (retired, France)

Mircea Nenciu (professor, Romania)

Maria Sara Battaglia (housewife, Italy)

Gentiana Kera (historian, Albania)

María Dolores Pescador (entrepreneur, Spain)

Julio Pieraldi (writer for “IF Revista Digital”, Australia)

Adrian Rotaru (engineer, Romania)

Tiit Kärner (physicist, Estonia)

Catalin Badea (engineer, Romania)

Alexandrina Toma (engineer, Romania)

Saimir Dervishi (self-employed, investor, Albania)

Sidi Hasanaj (entrepreneur, Albania)

Erion Tufa (student, Albania)

Gheorghe Mircea Iancovschi (student, Germany)

Jimmy Star (chef, Albania)

Anna Alexandrova (teacher, Bulgaria)

Yuriy Makar (chemical engineer, USA)

Joaquín Otamendi Collados (consultant, Spain)

Elena Soraya Martín Rodríguez (museum attendant, Spain)

José Fermín Garralda (teacher, Spain)

Carlos López Díaz (commercial adviser, Spain)

Gabriel Le Senne Presedo (lawyer, Spain)

Jose Luis Leal Helmling (orthopedic surgeon, Spain)

Verónica Arroyo López (logistics, Spain)

Ignacio Rubiera (consultant, Spain)

Boris Levy (economist, Spain)

José Luis Barceló (journalist, Spain)

Francisco J. García Alonso (full professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oviedo, Spain)

Mari Barquero (lawyer, Andorra)

Raquel Sáez Serrano (administrative employee, Spain)

Emiliano Fernández Rueda (teacher, Spain)

Antonio Michavila (engineer, Spain)

Beatriz Alberdi (Spain)

Béatrice Doat (mother, France)

Manuel Ballester Hernández (professor of Philosophy, Spain)

José Amengual Soria (financial analyst, Spain)

Julio Álvarez de Toledo (lawyer, Spain)

Enrique Junceda (student, Spain)

José Brito Correia (economist, Spain)

Javier Quevedo Saco (journalist, Spain)

María José Piñero Rodríguez (doctor med., member of Parliament of Andalucía, Spain)

Count Miklós Cseszneky (international relations expert, Hungary)

Fadrique Balmaseda (financial advisor, Spain)

José Luis Guiu Sáez (jeweler, Spain)

Alfonso Jiménez Marín (physicist, Spain)

Jesus Gomez Montoya (doctor med., Spain)

José I. Lorente (Spain)

Harald Johannes Schrage (teacher, Germany)

Francisco José Romero García (administrative employee, Spain)

Ramón Pi (journalist, Spain)

Francisco Molina (consultant, Spain)

Rafael García Ortiz (member of provincial Parliament of Andalucía, Spain)

Francisco Crespo (Mr., Spain)

Alberto Gómez Gorriti (functionary, Spain)

Inmaculada Concepción Enríquez (teacher, Spain)

Pedro Serna (professor of Law, Spain)

Francisco Vargas (pharmacist, Spain)

Margarita Alonso (sociologist, Spain)

Carlos Soler (priest, Spain)

Santiago Sanz (engineer, Spain)

Luis Prado Hidalgo (lab technician, Spain)

José Da Silva (engineer, France)

Gari Durán (doctor of ancient history, Spain)

Luciano Garófalo (philosopher lecturer, Venezuela)

Inmaculada García Sánchez (lawyer, Spain)

Macario Valpuesta Bermúdez (teacher, Spain)

Ramon Cerdeiras (professional investor, Spain)

Manuel Sánchez Fuentes (technician, Spain)

Rafa García-Bango (self-employed, Spain)

David Nieto (self-employed, Spain)

Fernando José Vaquero Oroquieta (essayst and social activist, Spain)

Alejandro G. Vigo (professor of Philosophy, University of Navarra, Spain)

José Luis Pinedo (trader, Spain)

Albert E. Meyer (historian, Spain)

Juan Caruncho (engineer, Spain)

Antonio Bandín (Mr., Spain)

Agustín Campos (Mr., Spain)

Eduardo González Biedma (professor, University of Sevilla, Spain)

Diego García (managing director, Spain)

Aurelio Montaño (president of HTC – Hi-Tech Consulting s.a., Spain)

Juan José Navarro Cánovas (regional functionary, Spain)

Esther Herrera (civil servant, Spain)

Julia Escobar Moreno (writer, Spain)

Ruslanas Iržikevičius (founder and editor-in-chief of the Lithuania Tribune, Lithuania)

Ángel P. Molina (journalist, Spain)

Enrique Poza (doorkeeper, Spain)

Cari Galindo (architect, Spain)

Francisco Javier Ruiz Bursón (doctor of Law, lawyer, Spain)

Héctor Ñaupari Belupú (lawyer, president of Human Action Studies Institute, Peru)

Alícia Delibes (writer, Spain)

Luis Fernández García (logistics, Spain)

Fernando José Correa Ponce (merchant technician, Spain)

Javier Arellano Moreno (lawyer, Spain)

Carlos Marín-Blázquez (professor, Spain)

José V. Pérez Galán (jurist, Spain)

Santiago Monzón Moreno (engineer, Spain)

Asier Barbarin Sorozábal (accountant, Spain)

José M. Monzón Ristori (lawyer, Spain)

Enrique M. Goicoechea (lawyer, Spain)

Jorge Mittelmann (full professor of Ancient Philosophy, Universidad de los Andes, Chile)

María Crespo Garrido (professor, University of Alcalá, Spain)

Carolina Montaño León (freelancer, Spain)

Mercedes Valdivia García (entrepreneur, Spain)

Francisco Rivas-Portillo (computer science engineer, Spain)

Narciso Martínez Morán (professor emeritus, UNED, Madrid, Spain)

Pedro Antonio González Crespo (professor, University of Navarra, Spain)

Daniel Peñaranda Olea (consultant, Spain)

José Castro (industry entrepreneur, Spain)

Carlos Eduardo Chérrez Bermejo (medical doctor, Spain)

F. Javier Oñate Cuadros (notary, Spain)

Tomás Alfaro Drake (university professor, Spain)

Ignacio de Foxá (retired, Spain)

Luis Marron (engineer, Spain)

Francisco Durban (agricultural engineer, Spain)

Charles Paternina (real estate broker, USA)

Jaime Arrechea López de Ceballos (lawyer, Spain)

Marta Sobrino De Santiago (historian of art, Spain)

Maria Luisa Erhardt Oraa (housewife, Spain)

Juan Antonio Ramos-Yzquierdo (entrepreneur, Spain)

Pablo Fernández López (finance professor, Spain)

Fernando Méndez Ibisate (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)

María Gloria Echezarraga (retired, Spain)

Esperanza Aguirre (politician, former president of the Senate of Spain and former president of the Comunidad de Madrid, Spain)

Manuel Chaure (engineer, Spain)

Carlos Blanco de Haro (businessman, Spain)

Juan Herranz Juste (lawyer, Spain)

Vicente Boceta Álvarez (Dr., agricultural engineer, Spain)

Antonio Iturmendi MacLellan (economist, Spain)

Paco Granados (environment manager, Spain)

Pilar Sánchez Martín (professor, Spain)

María Luisa Bueno (designer, Spain)

Cipriano Rodríguez (lawyer, Venezuela)

Miguel Brito Correia (Mr., Portugal)

Carmen Cano (lawyer, Spain)

Javier Enrile (economist, Spain)

Pedro Moreno de los Ríos (lawyer, Spain)

Jorge Martínez (professor of Philosophy, Argentina)

Ana Isabel Monzon Moreno (administrative employee, Spain)

Luis Monereo (economist, Spain)

Francisco Saavedra (economist and head of strategy, Spain)

Ricardo Hernández (professor, Spain)

Eduardo Fernández Luiña (executive director of Instituto Juan de Mariana, Spain)

Angelina Varela Jaureguizar (lawyer, Spain)

Aldo Scognamillo (graduate, Italy)

Orlando José Albornoz Galindo (civil engineer, Venezuela)

Juan Novoa (dealer, driver, Spain)

Andrés Perea (freelancer, Colombia)

Juliana Cuervo (fashion designer, Colombia)

Jorge Capetillo Infante (mining technician, Chile)

Heinz Roque Loyola (mathematician, Peru)

Felipe García (professor of History, Spain)

Hernando Alarón (accountant, Colombia)

Diego Suárez García (contractor, Mexico)

Oscar Mondragón (entrepreneur, Mexico)

Felipe Silva (navy, Chile)

Alberto Valderrama Rincón (PhD, Mexico)

Francisco Osorio (pubblic accountant, Colombia)

Laura García (industrial engineer, Chile)

Sara Robledo (microbiologist PhD, Colombia)

Daniel Acevedo (programmer, Venezuela)

Kevin Castillo Molina (environmental engineer, Venezuela)

Alejandro Vargas (teacher, Colombia)

Cristina Isaza (business administration, Colombia)

María González Menéndez (lawyer, Spain)

Luis Fernando Vázquez Soto (degree in Philosophy, Mexico)

Andrés Sánchez (teacher, Colombia)

Josecho Astray Vieites (entrepreneur, Spain)

Edgar León Lozano (psychologist, Colombia)

Julio Espinosa (writer, Colombia)

Iván Pulido (lawyer, Colombia)

Ángel de Jesús Caicedo Pino (lawyer, Colombia)

Miguel Alberto Bulla Mora (journalist, Colombia)

Homero Carrero (counselor at law, Venezuela)

Alejandro Piriz (retired military, Uruguay)

Jorge Luis Cárdenas (architect, Colombia)

Alberto Martínez Arango (freelance translator, Colombia)

Facundo Nicolás Bisonni (student, Argentina)

Alfonso Ballestero (mining engineer, Spain)

Guido Antonio Puche Faría (lawyer, Venezuela)

Amilcar Rodríguez (lawyer, Colombia)

Raimundo Malho (chocolatier, Portugal)

Xose Rodeiro Ferreira (chef, Spain)

Oscar Andrés Romero (business administrator, Colombia)

Ernesto Sepúlveda (dealer, Chile)

Richard Oswaldo Campos Villalobos (sociologist, Peru)

Carlos Silva (audiovisual designer, Colombia)

María Isabel Romero (dentist, Mexico)

Yudi Angélica Ciro Díaz (business administration, Colombia)

Jaime Alberto Trillos Muñoz (dentist, Colombia)

Teodoro Posso (salesman, Ecuador)

Alessandro Oppizzi (non profit CEO, Italy)

Diego Moncada (automotive technician, Colombia)

Fernando Gill Díez (jurist, Spain)

Mario Guillermo Herrera Sabillon (civil engineer, Guatemala)

Isabel Mejía (student, Colombia)

Julio Garcia Silverio (engineer, USA)

Iván Noboa (systems engineer, Ecuador)

Diana Estupinan (statistics, Colombia)

Clara Leiva (financial advisor, Colombia)

Henry Jesús Márquez Durán (scout troop chief, Colombia)

Luis Cuartas (architect, Colombia)

Yadir José Márquez Aldana (lawyer, Bolivia)

Henry Mosqueira (professor of Philosophy, Chile)

Francy Romero (administrator, Colombia)

Rubén Darío Farfán (logistics, Colombia)

Manuel Enrique Morales Santiago (political scientist, Spain)

Nathali Puerto (teacher, Colombia)

Juan Pablo Chamón (political expert, project director of «Libera Bolivia», Bolivia)

Edder Joan Jiménez Puentes (entrepreneur, Colombia)

Oscar Borrego (journalist, Venezuela)

Adrian Lombardini (Mr., Argentina)

Esteban Lijalad (sociologist, Argentina)

Ramón Meleán Rojas (professor, Venezuela)

Martha María Arboleda Castrillón (degree in Philosophy and Letters, Colombia)

Andrés Rojas Cuadra (student, Chile)

César Augusto Pinzón (industrial engineer, Colombia)

Esteban Zapata (biomedic, columnist PanAm Post, Chile)

Daniel Rodríguez (student, Colombia)

Luis Antonio Franco Castro (MSc natural sciences, Colombia)

María Mendieta (MD, Ecuador)

Cristian Catalán (engineer, Chile)

Juan José Puigcerver Villarreal (financial assistant, Spain)

César Zambrano (writer, Colombia)

Gustavo Valencia (Mr., Venezuela)

Diego Andrés Pachon Gil (doctor med., Argentina)

José Luis Bernal Zambrano (electronics engineer, Colombia)

Alvaro Quiceno (Colombia)

Carlos Londoño (chemical engineer, Colombia)

Guido Etcheverry (lawyer, Argentina)

Tomás Rubio Garrido (professor, University of Sevilla, Spain)

Leonardo Molina Mora (tourism, Venezuela)

María Helena Orozco (Colombia)

Anthony Os (musician, writer, teacher, Germany)

Oliver Hernando Pedrozo Oliver (teacher, Colombia)

Carlos Mario Lozano Ceron (publicist, Colombia)

Andrés Decanio (economist, Venezuela)

Orlando Agudelo (industrial engineer, Colombia)

Diego Felipe Cortes Osuna (writer, student, Colombia)

Nicolás Goyeneche Valderrama (student of Law, Colombia)

Ignacio Zuloaga (geotechnical engineer, Venezuela)

Alex Soto (public administrator, Guatemala)

Jorge Luis Mora Rangel (accountant, Venezuela)

Salacy Celestino Pierre Moya (dance teacher, Venezuela)

Juan Pablo Quesada (Costa Rica)

Julio César Bustos (poet, Colombia)

Michael Jeffer Sandoval Galeano (educator, Colombia)

Henoc López (artist, Venezuela)

Arturo Moreno (businessman, Mexico)

Pablo Gabriel Ballejo (Mr., Argentina)

Enrique Velasco (Mr., Spain)

Moises Daniel Toledo (graphic designer, Chile)

Gerardo Miguel Lara Lenttini (engineer, Venezuela)

Gloria Trujillo (architect, Colombia)

Jorge Cano (electrical technician, Venezuela)

Antonia Sanin (writer, Colombia)

Pablo Picapietra (entrepreneur, Argentina)

Federico Wicke Monteverde (business administration, Venezuela)

Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez (veterinarian, Spain)

José Alejandro Moriones (printing, USA)

Alfredo Ruiz (economist, Venezuela)

Manuel Marin Santoyo (lawyer, professor, Colombia)

Sergio Iván Gómez (student of Law, Colombia)

Camilo Agudelo (lawyer, Colombia)

Luis Fernando Fosado Gomar (economist, Mexico)

Juan Esteban Espinal (protestant missionary, Colombia)

Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Pacheco (engineer, Colombia)

Andrés Felipe De Los Ríos (lawyer, Colombia)

Ruben Santiago (contractor, USA)

Hernando Vargas Barros (independent, Colombia)

Rafael Arturo Martínez Puentes (student of Political Science, Colombia)

Luz Adriana Quiceno (financial administrator, Colombia)

Guillermo Valencia (dealer, Colombia)

Alvaro Hernán Medina Pastor (civil engineer, Bolivia)

Sebastián Amaya Moya (student, Colombia)

Manuel Enrique Freites Hernández (student, Venezuela)

Ricardo Augusto López González (social worker, Colombia)

Miguel Ángel Melo Mora (independent worker, Colombia)

Angela María Cuellar Lozano (language teacher, Colombia)

Edwin Giovanni Ruge Jiménez (architech, Colombia)

Laura Mallea (real estate broker, USA)

Erick Torres (lab assistant at Physicians Regional, Naples (FL), USA)

Luis Mateo Manzanares Juan (chemical engineer, Spain)

Carlos Fernando Macia Nino (administrator, Canada)

Luis Adolfo Gómez Espinoza (systems engineer, Venezuela)

Edwin Buitrago Holguin (international relationist, Colombia)

Sheila González (preschool teacher, Venezuela)

Dora Bedoya (administrator, Colombia)

Juan Esteban Posada Mazo (engineer, Colombia)

Javier Rangel Medina (MBA, Mexico)

Olga Lucía Cárdenas (chemical engineer, Colombia)

Carlos Betancourt (technician, USA)

Roland Arballo (electrical technician, Uruguay)

José Miguel Mariño Ángel (pensioner, Colombia)

Ricardo Velasquez (law clerk, Canada)

Guillermo Riveros (lawyer, Colombia)

Javier Bonilla (journalist, Uruguay)

William Rocha (engineer, Colombia)

Graciela Nemeth (employee, Uruguay)

Juan Castelo (teacher, Mexico)

Yurlany Méndez (student, Colombia)

Susana Gulla (teacher, Uruguay)

Victor Manuel Peña Hernández (nurse, Mexico)

Gabriel E. Maldonado A. (industrial designer, Venezuela)

Maria Lia Fowler (journalist, USA)

Jairo Pérez (international business, Colombia)

Jorge Cristancho (pastor, USA)

Lorena Vizcarret (lawyer, Uruguay)

Edwin Isidro Cajamarca Rodríguez (mechanical engineer, Colombia)

Luis García (Lawyer, Mexico)

Ana Torres García (economist, Spain)

Miguel Ángel Barrera Sánchez (seller, Argentina)

Diego Fernando Rosas Velásquez (electrical engineer, Peru)

Jorge Castaño Carmona (freelancer, Colombia)

Bernardo Vaccari (lawyer, Panama)

Ernesto Sanz Álvarez (architect, Colombia)

Miguel Jiménez (art director, Costa Rica)

Miguel Ángel Galán López (agricultural engineer, Colombia)

Natalia Romero Avendaño (veterinarian doctor, Chile)

Danilo Romero Barrera (reforestor, Colombia)

Guillermo Alexander Teixeira Herrera (student of liberal studies, Venezuela)

Juan C. González S. (IA, Colombia)

Arturo García Torres (engineer in business administration, Chile)

María Paz Martínez (driver, Chile)

Miguel Graña (actor, Uruguay)

César Augusto Cárdenas Mayorga (lawyer, Colombia)

José Luis Farías (Mr., Uruguay)

Isabel Fernández Acin (consultant, Spain)

Jenny Alvarado (therapist, Colombia)

Juan Carlos González Malo (civil engineer, Colombia)

Jorge Rafael Alfaro Azañero (citizen, Peru)

Sarai Martin Paz (teacher, Spain)

Daniel Sosa Grisales (lawyer, Colombia)

Victor Chantre Ante (lawyer, Colombia)

Eduardo García (graphic designer, Chile)

Jesús Morales (DMV, Venezuela)

Andrés Barrientos (civil engineer, Chile)

Teddy Mcnabb (Mr., United Kingdom)

Fernando Paz Cristóbal (historian, Spain)

Victor Matheus (business administration, Venezuela)

Luis Naranjo Zeledon (professor, Costa Rica)

Emmanuel Selva (executive, France)

Juan Carlos Carvajal (economist, Colombia)

Evelyn Deibe (lawyer, Colombia)

Gonzalo Escandon (lawyer, Colombia)

María Tirado (psychologist, Colombia)

Hermilio Quispe Marchan (administrator, Peru)

Carlos Gómez (communications, Colombia)

Jeison Leonardo Leal Guevara (student, Venezuela)

Carlos Mauricio Jaramillo Galvis (engineer, Colombia)

Luis Melguizo (engineer, USA)

John Fonseca Álvarez (Mr., Costa Rica)

Juan Carlos Giraldo Perdomo (bioengineer, Colombia)

María Carolina Pérez Lizarazo (engineer, Colombia)

David Ernesto Ramírez Arboleda (businessman, Colombia)

José Oscar Recio Cantu (Mr., Mexico)

Neiza Carolina Guzmán H. (high school graduate, housewife, Venezuela)

Boris Chávez (chemist, Chile)

Martha Cecilia Gómez (dealer, Chile)

Andrés Vega (civil engineer, Chile)

Juan C. Avila (finance, USA)

Andrés Conde Ankli (golfer, Spain)

Amadeo Tornasol (poet, Colombia)

Laura Robledo (preschool teacher, Colombia)

Carlos Luis Vallejos Machuca (doctor med., Paraguay)

María Acevedo (chemical engineer, Colombia)

José Luis Núñez Torreiro (economist, Spain)

Juanjo Sánchez (businessman, Spain)

Diego Fernando Perdomo Pérez (degree in language and literature, Colombia)

Edgar Alberto Torres Espinosa (manager, Mexico)

Nelly Calle Mejia (retired, USA)

Manuel Jiménez (art conservator, Ecuador)

Carlos Andrés Gallego Melo (business degree, Colombia)

Francisco González Beas (retired, Chile)

Christian Padilla (engineer, Colombia)

Francisco Javier Acuña Alfaro (accountant, Costa Rica)

Luis García (consul of Reino Católico de Wikonga in the Cuyo region, Argentina)

Leidy Viviana Pérez (administrator, Colombia)

Alejandro Uribe (marketing magister, Colombia)

Carlos Medina (administrator, Colombia)

Juan Pablo Hernández Forero (business manager, Colombia)

Rodrigo Trujillo Uribe (engineer, Colombia)

Juan Carlos Torres (industrial engineer, Colombia)

Juan Millán López (architect, Spain)

Ramiro Davila (engineer, Mexico)

Parix Cruzado (writer, Peru)

Luis Guillermo Morales (attorney at Law, Colombia)

María Adelaida Villada (lawyer, Colombia)

Bryan Romero (operations manager, USA)

Javier Camacho (electronics, USA)

José Ángel Bermúdez Gil (pizza chef, United Kingdom)

Julia Nieto (teacher of Philosophy and History, Spain)

Jairo Andrés Chamorro Cabrera (architect, Colombia)

José María López Maroto (civil servant, Spain)

Virginia Isturiz (sales director, Venezuela)

Israel Rodríguez (Mr., Spain)

Wilson Andrés Salamanca Alfonso (public administrator, Colombia)

Amilcar Del Villar (accountant, USA)

Henry Contasti (publicist, USA)

Félix David Mejia Mejia (IT architect, Dominican Republic)

Javier Patini (engineer, Colombia)

Federico Fischer (Mcse, Argentina)

Gabriel Mora-Restrepo (PhD, professor of Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy, USA)

Robert Acosta (teacher, electrical engineer, USA)

Oscar Camargo (architect, USA)

Gerson Ricardo Navarro Hernández (software engineer, Colombia)

Juan Orozco (business administration, Canada)

Luis Alejandro Contreras (dealer, Colombia)

Luis Alejandro Cadavid Márquez (teacher, Colombia)

Marta Ximena Ochoa Sánchez (farmer, Colombia)

Félix Blanco (technician, Colombia)

Luis Alejandro Ureña Búrquez (chemical engineer, Mexico)

Sergio Varon (master musician, Colombia)

Máximo E. Calderón (doctor med., amb. of IPSP - International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Argentina)

Javier Pérez Sánchez (industrial entrepreneur, Spain)

Ángel Isaías Pat Pool (rover scout, Mexico)

Iván Ricardo Narváez Barreiros (software engineer, Ecuador)

María Luisa Ruiz-Jarabo Treviño (economist, Spain)

Luis Bustos (bachelor of marketing, Venezuela)

Johan Marcos Antonio Escalona Vanegas (lawyer, Venezuela)

Fidel Iglesias (engineer, Spain)

Andrea Nicolle Núñez Núñez (student, El Salvador)

Erico Jorge Mostajo Velásquez (senior university technician in electronics, Bolivia)

Edgar R. Pérez C. (writer, Venezuela)

Silvia Villar Arias (PhD, Uruguay)

José Luis López Pérez (teacher, Spain)

Robinson Damián Cuéllar Quedada (student, Colombia)

Juan Mora Figueroa Gayan (agronomist, Spain)

Fernando Lostao Crespo (lawyer, Spain)

Carlos Andreu (consultant, Spain)

Pablo Cruz (government employee, Mexico)

Alexander García Carfona (industrial engineer, Colombia)

Juan Esteban Ortiz Gutiérrez (lawyer, Colombia)

Josef Ortmair (former CEO of the Allianz Invest KAG, freelancer, Austria)

Luis Monzón (entrepreneur, Peru)

Esteban José Premuz (employee, Argentina)

José Hermosa (writer, Colombia)

Jan Netopil (IT analyst/programmer, Czech Republic)

Arsène Bazin (student, France)

Jitka Písaříková (receptionist, Czech Republic)

Tomáš Tysl (retiree, Czech Republic)

MerryLynn Gerstenschlager (homemaker, USA)

Václav Vejnar (student, Czech Republic)

Georges Renaud (commercial, France)

Michal Doležel (politician, Czech Republic)

Omar Raya León (sociologist, Mexico)

Jakub Prajzler (architect, Czech Republic)

Marian Rybčanskyj (student of high school, Czech Republic)

Virginie Anselot (commercial, France)

Cecile Lemaire (real estate agent, France)

Vaclav Jordan (MD, MScDM, MPA, Czech Republic)

Ludek Radl (designer, Czech Republic)

Sylvain Gay (teacher, France)

František Netopil (programmer, Czech Republic)

Jakub Valachovic (Mgr, Slovakia)

Ileana Johnson (Dr., author and retired teacher, USA)

Jan Satranský (student, Czech Republic)

Josef Rožnovský (designer, Czech Republic)

Jan Nosek (clerk, Czech Republic)

Simon Reich (MD, Czech Republic)

Sergio A. Rodríguez-Apolinar (economist, Colombia)

Daivy Merlijs (programmer, Belgium)

Jaroslav Svoboda (student, Czech Republic)

Patrik Herman (student, Czech Republic)

Marc Perron (business owner, France)

Jan Pospíchal (Mr., Czech Republic)

Miroslav Kovar (lawyer, Czech Republic)

Miroslav Bernard (Mr., United Kingdom)

Jan Škuta (graphic designer, art director, Czech Republic)

Stanislav Svítok (engineer, Czech Republic)

Viktor Goetz (student, Czech Republic)

Deroi Laurence (real estate agent, France)

Nicolas Ntsiabaka (student, France)

Miloš Korger (geodesist, Czech Republic)

Marie-Pierre Gaignault (company manager, France)

Daniel Brabec (Mr., Czech Republic)

Linda Blättler (PhD student, Czech Republic)

Mateo Olfos (student, Chile)

Jan Pukl (logistics, Czech Republic)

Elton Mara (doctor, USA)

Jakub Polesny (MgA, Czech Republic)

Vartan Ter-Akopow (MUDr, Czech Republic)

Jean-Louis Guenego (IT consultant, France)

Jana Hoffmanová (programmer, Czech Republic)

Martina Palas (Bc, Czech Republic)

Radoslav Sturm (student, Czech Republic)

Petr Pešek (filmmaker, Czech Republic)

Petr Berka (IT, Germany)

David Egyházi (student, Czech Republic)

Matyáš Diestler (student, Czech Republic)

Jan Drtina (designer, Czech Republic)

Jan Švub (Mr., Czech Republic)

Vladimír Sulek (musician, Czech Republic)

Tomáš Bíza (student, Czech Republic)

Miguel Vidal (journalist, Spain)

Vojtěch Říha (MgA, Czech Republic)

Petr Schlosser (retired, Czech Republic)

Luis Ramírez (advertiser, Venezuela)

Miguel Mora Romero (military, Spain)

Petr Daněk (joiner, Czech Republic)

Nicolás Sáez Rodríguez (retired, Spain)

José Antonio Boñal Curiel (entrepreneur, Spain)

Oscar Remiro Esteban (psychologist, Spain)

Jesús Díaz (Mr., Spain)

María de la A. Polo (professor, University of Perugia, Italy)

Enrique Juan Moltó (educational psychologist, Spain)

Ángeles Roche (network executive, Spain)

Teresa Bailly-Bailliere (housewife, Spain)

Guillermo Estrada González (Spain)

Ana Nieto Rodríguez (housewife, Spain)

Emilio García González (retired, Spain)

Jaime Lahoz Serrano (retired soldier, Spain)

Fernando Pareja Cerdó (industrial engineer, retired, Spain)

Maise Pérez de San Román Fernández de Zañartu (retired, Spain)

Isabel Oleaga (housewife, Spain)

Francisco Simón Vila (agricultural engineer, Spain)

András Lánczi (rector of the Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary)

Santiago Muñoz (functionary, Spain)

Manuel Fraile Martín (retired, Spain)

Teresa Vidal Massanet (pharmacist, Spain)

José Javier Barrado (information systems / section manager, Spain)

Javier Candela Polo (retired, Spain)

María Abal Albacar (veterinarian, Spain)

Antonio Verdú Vélez (mathematician, Spain)

Sebastián Gutiérrez (student, Chile)

Juan Torras (Spain)

Carlos Bugueño (chef, Chile)

Alejandro Sosa (tech, Argentina)

Carlos Borges (aviation captain, Spain)

Mauro Faverzani (Dr., journalist, Italy)

Pavel Janouch (receptionist, Czech Republic)

Alex Zim (agent, USA)

Srdjan Cvetković (historian, Institute for Contemporary History, Serbia)

Julio Ángel Bernal Ortiz (bank officer, Spain)

Pencho Iliev Antov (agronomist, Bulgaria)

Jano García (writer, Spain)

Luis Sánchez (retired, Spain)

Teodor Danciu (retired, Romania)

José Felipe Diez Calvo (businessman, Spain)

Massimiliano Zanobi (unemployed, Italy)

Luca Grazioli (unemployed, Italy)

Marta García González (dentist, Spain)

René Borkert (historian, Germany)

Félix Lázaro Garma (computer scientist, retired, Spain)

Jason Morgan (associate professor, Reitaku University, Kashiwa, Japan)

Chris Talgo (editor and research fellow, The Heartland Institute, USA)

Pascal Salin (former president of the Mont-Pèlerin Society, professor emeritus, University Paris-Dauphine, France)

Andrea Zecca (retired, Italy)

Vladimír Záborský (architect, Slovakia)

Santo Doldi (teacher, Italy)

Mugurel Puia (catholich priest and translator, Romania)

Luciano Crocini (Mr., Italy)

Carlo Alberto Sorgato (former officer Carabinieri, Italy)

Andrea Rebeggiani (Dr., Germany)

Davide Benito Attisani (Mr., Italy)

Alberto Girotti (Dr. of economics and commerce, Italy)

Desamparados Wheeler (teacher, Spain)

Roberto de Miro (attorney at Law, Italy)

Sergio Coniglio (head teacher, Agrigento, Italy)

Moreno Gianciotta (doctor, Italy)

Peter Mášik (catholic priest, Mgr., Slovakia)

Carlo Bindolini (professor of History, Italy)

Umberto De Monte (engineer, Italy)

Ambrogio Santelia (retired, Italy)

Roberto Colloca (computer engineer, Switzerland)

Francesco Chiola (professor, Italy)

Giorgio Gandolfi (manager, Italy)

Mark Wheeler (retired medical laboratory, USA)

Rita Andolina (retired, Italy)

Fabio Bettini (farmer, Italy)

Federico Bennicelli (doctor, Italy)

Elettra Bianchi (professor, Italy)

Lucia Tucci (employee, Italy)

Fernando Di Mieri (professor, Italy)

Antonio Battistella (surgeon doctor, Italy)

Raffaele Teruzzi (Mr., Italy)

František Vnuk (historian, professor emeritus in Church History, Australia-Slovakia)

Carmela Mastrangelo (retired, Italy)

Oleksandr Vorona (chairman of the Public Committee for Honoring the Memory of Ukrainian Heroes, Ukraine)

Ettore Vasale (retired, Italy)

Antonio Atzeni (military chaplain, lieutenant colonel, Italy)

Achille Cilea (retired, Italy)

Luca Francesco Persico (electrical engineer, Italy)

Emanuele Di Persio (employee, Italy)

John Eidsmoe (colonel, professor of Constitutional Law, senior counsel of the Foundation for Moral Law, USA)

Rosanna Curatelli (retired, Italy)

Yomar Stiven Moreno Lugo (academic council of the Movimiento Libertario de Venezuela, Venezuela)

Gianfranco Zoppi (retired, Italy)

Roberto Mansilla Blanco (analyst in International Politics, journalist, Venezuela)

Giovanni Giorgio Venzano (catholic priest, Italy)

Paul Dreer (student, Austria)

Marta Bitalová (retired, Slovakia)

Anton Čulen (Mgr., theologian and publicist, Slovakia)

Mária Valková (Ms., Slovakia)

Attila Bazsó-Dombi (greek catholic priest, Romania)

Laszlo Hamar (internet editor, Hungary)

Tim Morgan (captain, Australia)

Joan Swirsky (New York-based journalist and author, USA)

Richard J. Zablocki (accountant, USA)

Janet Desroches (teacher, Canada)

Selwyn Duke (writer, social commentator, USA)

Michael Rectenwald (professor, New York University (retired), USA)

Rebecca Bynum (editor and publisher of the New English Review, USA)

Oleg Volkonsky (journalist, USA)

David Horowitz (founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, editor of the FrontPage Magazine, USA)

Vadim Davydov (author, Germany)

Neil Petrie (major, retired, United Kingdom)

Vladimir Barkhalov (Russia)

Davide Ferraris (Dr., psychiatrist, Italy)

Ella Teekel (IT analyst, Estonia)

Robert Spencer (director of Jihad Watch, USA)

Leonard F. Villa (clergy/father, USA)

Арсен Сабанов (historian, Russia)

Gezim Maloku (military officer, Albania)

Marco Foti (Mr., Italy)

Gabriele Cucia (political analyst, Italy)

Jan Mikulski (journalist, Poland)

Edward Lucas (author, journalist, senior vice-president of the Center for European Policy Analysis, United Kingdom)

Nevia Hila (lawyer, Albania)

Nadia Ionescu (retired, Romania)

Gheorghe Manea (Mr., Romania)

Ana Cucuta (economist, Romania)

Corina Matei (engineer, Romania)

Cornelia Ionescu (sociologist, Romania)

Adriana Gabriela Nuțu (teacher, Romania)

Carmen Dragomir (economist, Greece)

Elisabeta Labunet (self-employed, retired, Romania)

Mihai Ovidiu Beleut (police officer, dipl. in Law, Romania)

Graciela Zadrozny (regional planner, USA)

Arturo Solorzano (economist, Nicaragua)

Elida Buçpapaj (journalist, editor of the newspaper Voice of Albanians, Switzerland)

Skënder Buçpapaj (journalist, editor of the newspaper Voice of Albanians, Switzerland)

Isabela I. Cocoli (journalist, writer, USA)

Zyhdi Zhegu (Dr. Med. University, retired, Austria)

Romeo Gurakuqi (professor at Academy of Albanian Studies, member of Parliament, Albania)

Mark Shkreli (Dr. Chem. Engineering, Italy)

Merita Bekteshi (businesswoman, Albania)

Vasel Malaj (owner of V&T Painting, LLC, USA)

Zamira Edwards (retired, USA)

Iris Halili (Dr., Human Resource Management, USA)

Halit Aga (historian, Albania)

Arber Gashi (software engineer, Switzerland)

Bukurosh Ajdini (administrator, Albania)

Nimete Vokopola (Ms., Germany)

Armand Cika (police officer, Albania)

Gjon Buçaj (Dr., former president of the Pan-Albanian Federation of America VATRA, USA)

Agim Myrteza (builder, Albania)

Armin Zotaj (business analyst, USA)

Majlinda Zeneli (teacher, Albania)

Mithat Gashi (Dr., university professor, high school principal, consultant and former consultant for various international NGOs/UN agencies, USA)

Luis M. Reyes (retired educator, USA)

Mesila Doda (politician, former member of Albanian Parliament, Albania)

Mohamet Topciu (restaurant owner, USA)

Huana Kurti (business owner, USA)

Neritan Kolgjini (journalist, Albania)

Milto Marko (musician, Finland)

Aleksandra Malita (engineer, USA)

Fiqiri Xibri (electrotechnician, Albania)

Dolores Dani (engineer, Albania)

Shpend Sollaku (journalist, Italy)

Nevila Jaupaj (human resource management, Canada)

Viki Suma (translator, jurist, Italy)

Jan Pokorný (pensioner, Czech Republic)

Fatmir Keqi (security guard, USA)

Mikel Kraja (Mr., Albania)

Marketin Rraboshta (kitchen chef, Albania)

Parid Turdiu (Mr., USA)

Engjellushe Luzaj (retired, USA)

Cezar Ndreu (victim of communism, Albania-USA)

Genc Mehmeti (machine builder, USA)

Brizita Mehmeti (nurse, Albania)

Ardian Radovicka (engineer, Canada)

Miron Nuri (engineer, Canada)

Arben Kallamata (teacher, Canada)

Lira Kraja (educator, Canada)

Dritan Kaba (journalist, Albania)

Steven Delvina (Mr., Albania)

Alket Menkshi (engineer, Albania)

Maksim Rakipaj (ship master, retired, Albania)

Engjell Buxhaku (jurist, Albania)

Lumturi Poda (retired, Albania)

Keti Koci (swimming instructor, Albania)

Lorens Ushe (barman, Albania)

Hektor Jubani (chef, Albania)

Alfred Feto (textile engineer, Albania)

Ramazan Hysa (teacher, editor, translator, Canada)

Esin Lekiq (Albanian culture scholar, Albania)

Diana Karafili (sector management, Luxembourg)

Liljana Nika (hairdresser, Albania)

Erieta Gajtani (artist, Albania)

Mehmet Shtylla (pensioner, Albania)

Romira Muka (lecturer of Media and Communication, Albania)

Freda Drangu (businesswoman, USA)

Ilber Gashi (technologist VP, USA)

Zamira Nurja Faslija (teacher, Albania)

Romelda Bozhani (journalist, Italy)

Sidi Kanani (Fine Arts, Albania)

Muçi Xhepa (translator, Albania)

Angela Luka (teacher, Albania)

Skender Tufa (editor of the newspaper "Plaga" , Switzerland)

Irma Kore (real estate investor, Canada)

Adriatik Riza Dosti (journalist, Albania)

Raimonda Gjencaj (journalist, Albania)

Luljeta Minarolli Hana (retired, Albania)

Taulant Dedja (editor, Canada)

Ermira Babaliu (singer, Philosophy teacher, Albania)

Aleksander Kurti (business owner, USA)

Ermelinda Paparisto (Opera singer, USA)

Irena Bakalli (teacher, Albania)

Lysiena Doresi (business owner, USA)

Markelian Doresi (business owner, USA)

Fatjeta Muriqi (hairdresser, Albania)

Filip Vila (medical doctor, Albania)

Anda Gjakova (marketing manager, Albania)

Helena Danja (translator, Albania)

Matilda Mirakaj (designer, USA)

Mateo Kraja (electrical engineer, Albania)

Albert Perndocaj (business development, USA)

Aida Kokalari (lawyer, Albania)

Ergida Prifti (lawyer, Albania)

Anxhela Hyko (lawyer, Albania)

Arvina Kokalari (student, Albania)

Roberto Martín Valdivia Hernández (technical executor of architectural works, master of construction, president of Partido Democrático 30 de Noviembre Frank País, Cuba)

Ismael Hernández (retired, former political prisoner in Cuba, representative abroad of the Movimiento 30 de Noviembre Frank País, USA)

Agustin Pais (engineer, USA)

Julio M. Shiling (writer, director of Patria de Martí, Cuba)

Eugjen Merlika (journalist, Italy)

Dalip Greca (journalist, USA)

Selami Zalli (jurist, Albania)

Lindita Dema (accountant, USA)

Loro Stajka (teacher, USA)

Gjeraqina Kerciku (Mrs., engineer, Germany)

Gentiana Kone (engineer, Belgium)

Besander Merlika (civil servant at Fusion for Energy, Agency of the European Commission, Italy)

Elena Merlika (manager, Italy)

Thanas L. Gjika (Prof. Dr., retired, USA)

Saimir Lolja (assoc. prof., PhD, PEng, Wharton School EDP, Albania)

Edira Merlika (Mrs., Italy)

Pellumb Kulla (theatre director, Albania)

Illo Foto (journalist, retired, Albania)

Mathieu Aref (historian, France)

Liljana Kristuli (doctor med., Italy)

Kujtim Morina (lawyer, Albania)

Spartak Paja (photographer, Belgium)

Eduard M. Dilo (poet, USA)

Emilian Jakubini (Dr. med., forensic medicine, Italy)

Kalia Musha (project manager, Canada)

Elda Zavalani (pharmacist, Albania)

Rudolf Marku (poet, novelist, literature translator, United Kingdom)

Eliona Skenderasi (education, USA)

Bislim Ahmetaj (PhD Economy, lector at the Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durrës, Albania)

Robert Martiko (writer, Greece)

Besnik Guglietti (artist painter, Italy)

Ervin Dine (district manager, USA)

Grigor Heba (PhD, geologist, Canada)

Sybi Bylykbashi (police officer, Albania)

Oriana Topi (teacher, Albania)

Tatjana Sadiku (institute of design, planning, Albania)

Alexander Bucaj (senior intelligence analyst, USA)

Nevila Nika (historian, archivist, rector of the European University of Tirana, Albania)

Eqerem Mujo (retired, USA)

Ario Sulo (journalist, Albania)

Tudor Dunca (engineer, Romania)

Irena Nikaj (Dr., associate professor University "Fan S. Noli" Korça, president of Albanian Sociological Association, Albania)

Alexander Podrabinek (journalist, former Soviet political prisoner, Russia)

Richard A. Van Camp (citizen, retired, USA)

Jeanette Bolvary (Mrs., Australia)

Marilyn June Marotta (citizen, USA)

Admirina Peci (journalist, Albania)

Leslaw Migut (Mr., Poland)

Nicolas Alempijevic (assistant teacher, artist, USA)

Ferdinand Nikaj (Mr., United Kingdom)

Rudy Gurra (businessman, Albania)

Zen Bitri (director, Albania)

Rovena Isa (banker, Albania)

Ed Malaj (ELM Trucking LLC, USA)

Albion Kurti (lawyer, former president of Association "1945-1991", Albania)

Ermira Dine (CAD-designer, Germany)

Roald Allaman Hysa (journalist, Albania)

Ervin Lamcja (economist, Canada)

Matyáš Bayer (student, Czech Republic)

Arben Ndile (bricklayer, Albania)

Chris Lieb (IT systems engineer, USA)

Jesus Eduardo Delgado Martínez (computer engineer, Venezuela)

José Francisco Serrano Oceja (professor, University CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain)

Zenel Peposhi (construction engineer, Albania)

Vasilika Hysi (lawyer, Albania)

Gabriel Gherasim (psychologist, USA)

Silvano Cosi (craftsman, Italy)

Paul Anderson (engineer, USA)

Nashi Brooker (lawyer, Albania - United Kingdom)

Horia Salca (senior lecturer, Guernsey, United Kingdom)

Gary McLeod (retired, USA)

Mark Lilja (construction worker/sheet metal trade, USA)

Dennis O'Neil (retired, USA)

Carol Moore (retired, USA)

Sonya G. Iordanova (accountant, USA)

Thomas Kiker (Mr., USA)

Tomas Kubinec (software developer, Slovakia)

Oleksiy Kresin (Dr. Hab., Kyiv, Ukraine)

David Berger (Dr. phil. Dr. habil, Germany)

John Suarez (human rights activist, executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba, USA)

Janusz Makarewicz (retired, Poland)

Carlos Rafael Bugueño Gajardo (chef, Chile)

Allison Marie Rhode (massage therapist, USA)

Vanessa Kaiser (PhD Philosophy, director of the Hannah Arendt Chair at the Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Chile)

Eduardo Javier Magna-Aldebarán Suazo (Law graduated, Chile)

Tatiana Fache Bustamante (commercial engineer, Chile)

Iván Martínez (chief technology officer, Chile)

Carlos Cordova (engineer, Chile)

Joyce Karina Sylvana Rivas Sánchez (gastronomist, Chile)

Daniela Gutiérrez Jorquera (marine biologist- Msci aquaculture, Chile)

Javier Andrés Hechem Ortiz (architect, Chile)

Ignacio Rodrigo Iduya (graduated in economics and finance, Chile)

Brayan Steve Segovia Acosta (rigger lifting operations, Chile)

Samuel Jonathan Molina Allende (painter artist, Chile)

Viviana Alejandra Vásquez Vega (laboratory technician, Chile)

Cristián Eduardo Barriga Ramírez (engineer, Chile)

Carlos Vilches Zeballos (sports coach, Chile)

Daniel Quiroz (mechanic, Chile)

Ingrid Campos Landan (financial services, Chile)

Geraldine Scheleff (therapist, Chile)

Marcelo Andrés Romero Díaz (auditor accountant, Chile)

Jimena Valech (agricultural engineer , Chile)

Ángeles Stefanelli (doctor of medicine, Chile)

Francisco Javier Riquelme Arévalo (Mr., Chile)

Soledad Donoso Zimmermann (business administration, Chile)

Claudia Morales (Ms., Chile)

Enrique Valenzuela Navarro (systems engineer, Chile)

Angelica Catalán (translator, Chile)

Magdalena Salas (teacher, Chile)

Pedro Valderrama Cartes (systems analyst, Chile)

Francisco Díaz Hormazabal (psychiatrist, Chile)

María Angélica Rojas Núñez (tourism services, Chile)

Javier Pérez (teacher, Chile)

Sebastián Pizarro Palacios (engineer, Chile)

José Luis Del Solar Etcheverry (engineer, Chile)

Carlos Vejar Ferrada (engineer, Chile)

Nicolás Silva (industrial designer, Chile)

Carlos Prieto Adriazola (attorney at Law, Chile)

Jaime Sebastián Pérez (business administration, Chile)

Verónica del Real (psychologist, Chile)

Griselda del Carmen Ávila R. (paramedic odontologist, Chile)

Eric Pino (lawyer, Chile)

Paula Rivas Vera (secretary, Chile)

Cristian Gómez (public manager, Chile)

Gabriela Strauss (housewife, Chile)

Javier Castro (business engineer, specialized in management control, Chile)

Carolina Greco (architect, Chile)

Jorge Francovish Montero (inventor, Chile)

Carolina Elizabeth Salazar Alfaro (translator, Chile)

Rodrigo M. Guajardo (engineer, PhD candidate, Chile)

Claudia Maldonado Cárdenas (nursing graduate, Chile)

Micaela Urbina (industrial engineer and enterpreneur, Chile)

Mónica Contreras (housewife, Chile)

Carlos González Vera (journalist, Chile)

Carlos Sjoberg (doctor of medicine, Chile)

Alex Rivas M. (pharmaceutical chemist, Chile)

Jose Muñoz (analyst, Chile)

Federico Campero (business executive, Chile)

Paola Torralba Schiaffino (professor, Chile)

Sergio Pacheco Leal (psychiatrist, Chile)

Orlando Jerez Kritzler (architect, Chile)

Rodrigo Moltedo (economist, Chile)

Victor Borquez (business owner, Chile)

Eugenio Valdés (agronomist, Chile)

Eugenio Rojas (engineer, Chile)

Maria Perla de la Cruz Arriagada (administration technician, Chile)

Alex Durney Yavar (engineer, Chile)

Carlos Traub Tagle (entrepreneur, Chile)

Jorge Riquelme Pedreros (engineer, Chile)

Francisco José Cancino Vergara (college student, Chile)

Carlos López Bravo (pharmacist, Chile)

Ana Gabriela Landaeta Guerra (Ms., Venezuela)

Claudia Hernández (bilingual secretary, Chile)

Cecilia Dey (director Dey-Comunicados, Chile)

Fabián Briones (chef, Chile)

Hernán Brantes-Glavic (ambassador (r), Chile)

Valery Monardez (corporate public relations, Chile)

Carmen Sepúlveda (business degree, Chile)

Karina Icazategui (architect, Chile)

Francisco Javier Nualart Vio (agronomist engineer, Chile)

Decio M. Westphalen (engineer, Brazil)

Ana María Pizarro Mondaca (professor, Chile)

Alberto Cisternas (civil engineer, Chile)

Cristian Alex Barría Regler (physiotherapist, Chile)

Marco Antonio Carrera Caroca (custom agency, Chile)

Ivan Rojas (lawyer, Chile)

Diego Andrés Barría García (Law student, Chile)

Romina Muñoz Fuentes (marketing, Chile)

Jorge Olguín Moraga (construction engineer, Chile)

Ricardo Antonio Villarreal Gómez (chemical engineer, Venezuela)

María Bernardita Kaiser (administrator jewelry creations, Chile)

Irmantas Ramanauskas (teacher, Lithuania)

Matias Fourt Maggi (airline pilot, Chile)

María del Rosario Ovalle Edwards (business owner, Chile)

Claudio Martínez (computer scientist, Chile)

José Gutiérrez (professor, Chile)

Henry Laureano Mosqueira Burgos (professor of philosophy, Chile)

Mariluz Rojas (lawyer, Chile)

Krassen Stanchev (professor, Sofia University, Bulgaria)

Cintia Valeria Padilla Garrido (teacher, Chile)

Felix Z. Moser (business owner, Chile)

Joan Rojo Torrebadella (public servant, Spain)

Esteban Reyero (quality systems consultant, Spain)

Juan López Ruiz (teacher, Spain)

Adrian Sanderson (Mr., United Kingdom)

Matus Rebro (automation analyst, Slovakia)

Robyn McCrory (Mrs., New Zealand)

Antimo Salaorni (citizen, Italy)

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (member of the Spanish Parliament, Spain)

Santiago Nuevo Fernández (worker, Spain)

Silvia Soler González (industrial engineer, Spain)

José Adolfo García (TIC consultant / industrial engineer, Spain)

Pedro José Beteta González (technical architect, Spain)

Brian Dimarco (hospitality management, Venezuela)

Lia Greene (Mrs., Australia)

Hilary Baxter (retired, United Kingdom)

Gabriela Felicia Ciuca (Mrs., Romania)

Iuliana Dinu (teacher, Romania)

Mike Young (storeman, New Zealand)

Costel Linta (doctor of medicine, Netherlands)

Magdalena Jaskulska (editor of Tygodnik Polski (The Polish Weekly), Australia)

Trần Thanh (business owner, Vietnam)

Charles R. Taylor (family nurse practioner, USA)

Carmine Di Donato (laborer, USA)

Mary Neubecker (m.Ed., USA)

Arthur Joyce (housekeeper, USA)

Roberta Cruce (retired, USA)

Michael S. McCandless (machinist, USA)

Petra M. Loomer (Ms., USA)

Dick Pluth (free citizen, USA)

Josephine Aquino (registered nurse, USA)

Stephen Alan Marceau (truck driver, USA)

Victoria Simmons (retired law enforcement, USA)

Donald Webber (M.Div., USA)

Julie Ann Geesy (retired, USA)

Holly Gardner (artist, USA)

Charles Edward Rush (Mr., USA)

Judy M. Nastor (Mrs., USA)

Arthur Zhang (writer, USA)

William B. Barnes (retired, USA)

Elizabeth Meloskie (retired, USA)

Peter Dorn (retired, USA)

Rosemarie Dorn (Mrs., USA)

Brenda Norton (retired, USA)

Ronald A. Pressler (printer, retired, USA)

A. Ryan (independent contractor, New Zealand)

Joyce Wagner (investigations, retired, USA)

Gary Wagner (healthcare executive, retired, USA)

Helen Shoemaker (Mrs., USA)

Bot Roda (illustrator, USA)

Ernest Walter Meyer (retired bilingual teacher, USA)

Susan Allen (faculty ESL instructor, USA)

Justin Enderton (volunteer, USA)

Susanne Renee Butler (homemaker, USA)

Jonathan Liem (asset management, Singapore)

Carrie Cannon (Dr., USA)

Catherine Masak (certified public accountant, USA)

Mary S. Teague (retired, USA)

George Schron (retired, USA)

Brandy S. Lord (housewife, USA)

Edward C. Service (retired, USA)

Susan Eileen Rankin (security officer, USA)

John Lee (Mr., USA)

Sue Willard (retired, USA)

Donna Ferrantello (Dr., educator/scholar/author, USA)

Karen Oberlander (homemaker, USA)

Val A. DeLuca (electrical designer, retired, USA)

Janet Frances Howard (Ms., USA)

William Rex Cleveland, jr. (Mr., USA)

Veronica Sheehan (Mrs., USA)

Evan Mulch (field coordinator for The John Birch Society, USA)

Charles H. Roberts (Rev., clergyman, USA)

Judith Spencer (artist, graphic designer, business owner, USA)

William Bryant (account manager, USA)

Theresa Henderson (medical laboratory scientist, USA)

Velda Ortiz (self employed, USA)

Kim Wineinger (Ms., USA)

Joanna Shaw (teacher, USA)

John Charles Hawkins (author, USA)

Eve Haller Buchanan-Cates (educator, U.S. patriot, USA)

Cherie Zaslawsky (writer, teacher, freelance editor, USA)

Heitor De Paola (physician, Brazil)

Marcia Graça Graminhani (retired, Brazil)

Peterson Cavalcanti Stangl (architect, Brazil)

Nathanael Giglio (retired, Brazil)

Geovana Isabel Bello Rodrigues (independent confectioner, Brazil)

Luciano Pöpper (trader, Brazil)

Marcus Vinicius Vernucci de Alvarenga Campos (retired, Brazil)

Jaime P. Ramon (salesman, Brazil)

Milton Lorena (jeweller, retired, Brazil)

Humberto Sisley de Souza Neto (doctor of medicine, Brazil)

Thiago Souto (IT analist, Brazil)

John Conner (adjunct professor, master of fine arts, USA)

Nilseu Padilha (software architect, Ireland)

Cristiano Rabelo Leitão (judge, Brazil)

Angelo Fernandes Araujo Porto (trader, Brazil)

Eni Pinheiro (lawyer, Brazil)

Lucas Neves de Andrade Lemes (physician, professor University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ, Brazil)

Andre Roiuk (bank officer, Brazil)

Wilson Kasper (retired, Brazil)

Ana Lucia Damasceno (manager, Brazil)

Silvestre Wesgueber jr. (self-employed, Brazil)

Rosaura Eichenberg (translator, Brazil)

Ademar Rodrigues Chaves (professor, Brazil)

Luciano Narcizo da Silva (technician, Brazil)

Renilton Padovani (cartoonist, Brazil)

Martha Dudley (homemaker, USA)

Antonio Paulo de Paiva Ganme (doctor of medicine, Brazil)

Hélio José Santos Maia (teacher, Brazil)

Denis Gonçalves Matheussi (analyst, Brazil)

Ricardo Damm (adminstration, Brazil)

Alexandre Patriarca (musician, Brazil)

Jennifer Cozzi (patriot, USA)

Simone Teixeira (teacher, Brazil)

Solange Frota (teacher, Brazil)

Ethan Gutmann (co-founder of the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China, USA)

Leonardo Marques Gomes (doctor of Medicine, ENT, Brazil)

Lucas Rossi (engineer, USA)

Yonara Kelly Cavalcanti Ramos (professor, Brazil)

Roseli Aparecida dos Santos (reception officer, Brazil)

Paulo Roberto Nedel (agricultural pilot, Brazil)

Arne Bold (Ms., Australia)

Fernanda Rocha (student, Germany)

Carlo Germani (engineer, Brazil)

Christina Jeffrey (president, U.S. Allegiance Institute, USA)

Joe Holmes (cashier, USA)

Joseph R. Rizzo (professional business owner, USA)

Liza Forshaw (president, Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, USA)

Kerry Lewis McCarthy (architect, USA)

Germán Ignacio Verocay (Mr., Argentina)

Nicola Lamontanara (computer science student, Argentina)

Matthew Bennett (student, United Kingdom)

William Frankland (student, United Kingdom)

Spencer Lyon (community development intern, USA)

Peyton Stewart (line cook, USA)

Patrick Aabram (student, USA)

David Allen James Young (military, Canada)

Nicolaz Arenales (computer science, Bolivia)

Vladislav Mashkautsan (student, Belgium)

Shepherd Aaron Ellis (Mr., USA)

Davis Villanueva (student, USA)

Henryk Blight (student, Canada)

Mateusz Gremlik (Mr., Poland)

James Selen (designer, USA)

Anna Opulska (Mrs., Poland)

Lauri Pekkala (advertisement, Finland)

Alexander Dubov (Mr., Sweden)

Gui Nicolas (employee, France)

Megan Glass (retired, USA)

Johannes Smit (Mr., South Africa)

Richard James Garcia (National Guard, USA)

Firmino Da Silva Mendes (justice officer, Brazil)

Huffnágel István (Mr., Hungary)

Sam Mills (University student, USA)

Albert L. Vest (software developer, USA)

Kevin Wilson (farmer, USA)

Martín Bruni (student, Argentina)

Michele Murino (employee, Italy)

Anne Reiser (Mrs., USA)

Helen Jenkins-Conway (community services worker, Australia)

Robert Powell (military officer, USA)

Robert Wagner (truck driver, USA)

Ernest Paviour (retired, USA)

Gil Credeur (retired, USA)

Philip W. Starr (retired, USA)

Vasili Shatalov (Dr., USA)

Dolores Crawford McLaughlin (retired, USA)

Tim West (retired, USA)

Angie West (retired, USA)

Lucy Brown (Rn retired, USA)

Karen Knaub (citizen of United States, USA)

Richard J. Butkowski (IT manager, retired, USA)

Nathaniel Enrique Lozada (student, USA)

Josephine Raskowski (homemaker, USA)

Dennis Riley (retired, USA)

Richard L. Bernardi (facilities engineer, USA)

Diana Holler (retired, USA)

Peter Waters (Mr., Australia)

Elizabeth Elwood (retired, USA)

Gerald W. Fonternot (retired, USA)

Evelyn Mae Cantrell (retired, USA)

Tricia (Business owner, United States)

John Thomas Gallo (Third Order Carmelite Discalced, USA)

Katherine Mangan (speech/language pathologist, USA)

Constance Berni (retired nurse, housewife, USA)

Stephen Culen (labor leader (retired), USA)

Anthony M. Keri (corporate controller, USA)

Kyle Timmerman (self employed, USA)

Barbara Sanders (wife/mother, USA)

Ed Martin (president, Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund, USA)

Dritan Dema (Mr., United Kingdom)

Brent Morden (composer, USA)

Peter W. Wood (president, National Association of Scholars, USA)

Robert J. Bugiada (senior (chemical) process engineer, USA)

Ann Rewis (court reporter, Austria)

Donald R. Mitchell (retired (federal) program manager, USA)

Kevin D. Frelander (speech therapist, USA)

Wanda Richardson (Mrs., USA)

Andrew Towne (retired, USA)

Goran Karlic (lecturer, Hong Kong)

Linda Goudsmit (political analyst, author, USA)

James Allen (farmer, USA)

Ronald J. Rychlak (professor of Law, The University of Mississippi School of Law, USA)

Alberto M. Fernandez (ambassador (ret.), vice president of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), USA)

Elena Alina Tacu (english instructor, Romania)

Kristyn Schuh (homemaker/RN, USA)

James J. Schuh (physician, USA)

Adriana-Maria-Tana Ambrus (chemistry teacher, retired, Romania)

Romulus Mihalca (Dr., Netherlands)

Lisette Muntslag (artist, international law student, Suriname)

Ernest A. Miller IV (retired soldier, USA)

Gavi McArthur (retired, New Zealand)

Wayne J. Mickel (construction, USA)

Bogdan Muțiu (engineer, Romania)

Joshua Muravchik (author, adjunct professor, Institute of World Politics, Washington DC, USA)

Jeffrey Nyquist (writer, USA)

János Martonyi (professor, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hungary)

Jorge Bacharel (Mr., Portugal)

Merri Barnousky (Ms., USA)

Mireya Insua (bioethicist, retired College professor, USA)

Brian Driscoll (journalist, Canada)

Fabrizio Antônio Guedes Vasconcelos (general assistant, Brazil)

George Baschiera (security coach - DPE, MBA, USA)

Chad Streblow (correctional officer, USA)

Brigitte Gabriel (chairman - ACT For America, USA)

Diane Caldera (housewife and mother, USA)

Lawrence Flesch (retired, USA)

Roman Skaskiw (Mr., USA)

Chad Alec Ripperger (Fr., superior general, USA)

Giovanni Luca Acquaviva (driver, Italy)

Diego Escobar García (laboratory technician, Spain)

Stella Morabito (author, USA)

Rafael Vitor Mendes Bernardo (lawyer, Brazil)

Patrick S. Miller (foreman, USA)

Thomas R. Fair (writer, USA)

Barbara Lieb (retired educator, USA)

Gary Barg (tool maker, USA)

John Patino-Bueno (software, USA)

Van Cawthon (free citizen, USA)

Nathan Hecker (certified irrigation designer, USA)

Kevin Anthony Hauck (maintenance, USA)

Tom Mclatchy (Mr., UK)

Nathan Kolody (Mr., USA)

William H. Szych (Lt Col, United States Air Force, retired, USA)

David Baldwin (professional services consultant, USA)

Nancy L. Stamp (retired, USA)

Andrew Brewer (Mr., USA)

Erika A. Myers (accountant, USA)

Colin Liske (pastor, Canada)

Shimon Deutsch (citizen, USA)

Dina Schmitz (student, USA)

Fawn Hall (citizen, USA)

George Coutavas (federal employee, USA)

Chad Williams (engineer, USA)

Suzanne Tyte (Ms., USA)

Shirley D. Dooley (retired, USA)

Gilson Lacqua (lawyer, Brazil)

James Lawton (Mr., USA)

Nick Shear (automotive mechanic, USA)

Matthew Schor (engineer, USA)

Patrick Kelly (Mr., USA)

Kristin Kaley (nurse practitioner, USA)

Wayne Graefen (Mr., USA)

Richard Thomas Bewell (retired, USA)

Paul LeFevre (social worker, USA)

Sharon L. Romine (billing, USA)

Julia Zawatsky (psychiatrist, retired, USA)

Emil N. Lodahl (deputy sheriff (retired), Los Angeles County, USA)

Suzanne Cronin (retired, USA)

Laura Lloyd (retired, USA)

Gail Weiss (Mrs., USA)

Shane McGowan (account manager, Canada)

Peggy Leone Searle (small business owner, USA)

Steve Ferguson (delivery driver, USA)

Jennifer Richmond (paramedic, USA)

Kenneth Wood (auditor, USA)

Jodee Barrios (Mrs., USA)

Jeffrey VanDell (paralegal, USA)

Terri Cook (office worker, USA)

Troy W. Miller (managing partner, SensorNet Solutions, LLC, USA)

Sandra Fuiten (Ms., USA)

John Carter (software architect, USA)

Kurt Seydow (disabled, USA)

James M. Swartwood (former Naval Officer, USA)

John Taylor Oliver (Law professor and retired officer, USA)

Henry Little (business owner, USA)

Richard T. Springer (registered land surveyor (ret.), USA)

Tim Richard (realtor, USA)

James Faulkner III (Dr., USA)

Wilson Moin (Mr., USA)

Philip Spomer (Lutheran pastor, USA)

Marcia Goodrich (retired teacher, USA)

Pauline Curtis (retired, USA)

John H. Perry III (retired, USA)

Thomas Chichester (software architect, USA)

Mary Claire Eberle (therapist, social worker, USA)

Niklas Schmidt (Dr., lawyer, Austria)

Carlos Alberto Luhrs Middleton (biologist, Germany)

Yazmin Araya Santos (Ms., Chile)

David Alejandro Riquelme San Martín (worker, Chile)

Ernest Smith (retired business owner, USA)

Don Smith (mechanic, USA)

Chris Wright (founder - Anticommunism Action Team, USA)

Mauricio Valenzuela (physicist, Chile)

Silvia Colfescu (publisher, Romania)

Robert Solomon (dining room host, USA)

Ivan Rodriguez Pasten (engineer, Chile)

Ondřej Šulda (student, Czech Republic)

Gloria Esperanza C. Chacon Pabon (bachelor of administration and superior computer technician, Venezuela)

Cristian Sandoval Retamal (hotel receptionist, Spain)

Héctor Manuel Angola Gutiérrez (doctor med., Chile)

Hermes Blessing (salesperson, USA)

José John Marulanda (lawyer, Colombia)

Alberto Escuderos de las Morenas (civil servant, Spain)

Antonio Armando Alvarado García (electrical civil engineer, Chile)

Wei Jingsheng (president, Wei Jingsheng Foundation, China - USA)

Maibort Petit (editorial and police director of Freedom Voice, USA)

Ciping Huang (executive director, Wei Jingsheng Foundation, China-USA)

Renier Garnier (postgraduate student, Cuba)

Guillermo Mijares (communicator, Venezuela)

Dinar Sharipov (electrician, Russian Federation)

Gerald Fontenot (retired, USA)

Elizabeth Vila (plastic artist, Venezuela)

Felipe Barahona (mechanical engineer, Chile)

Matthew Matuszak (charitable fundraiser, USA)

Beth Carol Ruegg (victims rights advocate, USA)

Ivón Lastra (dental tec, USA)

Diego Alejandro Márquez Duarte (telecommunications engineer, Venezuela)

Arlene Lois Johnson (publisher/author, United Kingdom)

Filip Manka (student, Czech Republic)

Patricia Berianu (researcher, Romania)

Vince Barwinski (meter reader, Australia)

John Herbert Schroter (pastor/reverend, USA)

Matthew Tyrmand (Journalist and Activist, USA)

Manuel Pagliuca (student, Italy)

Iván Eugenio Lara Godoy (university student, Chile)

Pawel Romanowski (ground operations officer, Poland)

Elenio Bergomi (surveyor, Italy)

Eugenio Ciolli (strategist and developer, Italy)

Arianna Pieretto (teacher of English, Italy)

Cristian Brandini (Dr., Italy)

Mazzuia Alessandra (physiotherapist, Italy)

Mauro Ostarello (gardener, Italy)

Carlo Pagliani (employee, Italy)

Germano Magni (artist, Italy)

Paolo Perico (retired, Italy)

Lorenza Tribbioli Leach (translator, France)

Christian Trabalza (craftsman, Italy)

Alessio Piana (teacher, Italy)

Natascia Finotto (lawyer, Italy)

Flavia Gallina (teacher, Italy)

Clemente Baccarini (freelance, Italy)

Stefano Bisogni (AI company owner, Italy)

Phillip Brown (software engineer, USA)

Aurel Rusu (medical doctor, Romania)

Jan Petschenka (retired member of the National Fire Brigade, engineer, Czech Republic)

Giorgio Gianluca Ramponi (credit manager, Italy)

Ricardo Kelvin Reginaldo Pereira (business manager, Brazil)

Aaron Kheriaty (physician and director, Bioethics and American Democracy Program, Ethics and Public Policy Center, USA)

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